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2017-12-16 04:37:27 UTC  

that dude isnt even credible tbh

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not dylan but christian picciolini

2017-12-16 04:38:26 UTC  

i hope picciolini talks more he does more for our movement than we do

2017-12-16 04:38:47 UTC  

Our enemies give us more manpower but its up to use to actully do something with it

2017-12-16 04:39:11 UTC  

We also cant sit on our asses either

2017-12-16 04:39:14 UTC  

Most of these ex skinhead/ national socialists are don't even realize how.much a joke they are

2017-12-16 04:39:45 UTC  

most of these Ex-whatevers never really were involved in any movements as far as im aware

2017-12-16 04:40:18 UTC  

Also i question the authenticity of some of them

2017-12-16 04:40:56 UTC  

but in the end dont pay them any attention they really are not worth it

2017-12-16 04:41:03 UTC  

I think this one was an ex drummer for some band you never heard of

2017-12-16 04:42:45 UTC  

Imagine making a living off going around the world and saying "Like... life is too short for hate maaaaan"

2017-12-16 04:43:17 UTC  

I think the SPLC should hire me to preach against hate for a couple years i charge 500k per year

2017-12-16 04:43:34 UTC  

that money "wont" make it in the hands of our guys trust me

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We have to go back.

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This is how it begins. Arise brothers and sisters.

2017-12-16 08:07:40 UTC  

I hope soon

2017-12-16 08:07:50 UTC  

I just talked to my mom for the first time in over a month. It seems like she's starting to accept the fact that her sun is an angry white boi

2017-12-16 08:07:58 UTC  

I'm visiting for Christmas

2017-12-16 08:08:46 UTC  

Congratulations I would love to get back in touch with my mother but she kinda fried her brain :/

2017-12-16 08:10:43 UTC  

I sat up until 2 drinking Moscow mules and talking about college

2017-12-16 08:11:11 UTC  

Feels good. I haven't had a meaningful conversation with either of them since Charlottesville

2017-12-16 08:14:37 UTC  

That's good I think with all the stuff going on people are starting to wake a bit I just had a friend who was pretty liberal talk to me again

2017-12-16 08:36:32 UTC  

>Broke: Trad Cabbage
>Woke: Bourbon

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I swear, you will get a good night rest. Comfy pre-sleep, no back pain, and creepy dreams.

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read SIEGE

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">Jewish Christ

Why do you lie? Christ was an ethnic Hebrew and follower of the ancient Hebrew faith. Modern Judaism (talmudism) is based on the rejection of Christ. Israeli media regularly insults and ridicules Christ and Christians. Christ specifically called those Jews who reject Him of their father the Devil."

2017-12-16 14:54:26 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ <:colton:391603869467279360> there ya go fam

2017-12-16 15:07:00 UTC  

Great job.

2017-12-16 15:07:09 UTC  

1 praise.

2017-12-16 15:07:27 UTC  

1 thank.

2017-12-16 16:03:50 UTC  

Hail Colton! Hail Victory!

2017-12-16 16:06:22 UTC  

@CatoHostilius He was born and lived in Galilee, an entirely gentile area, specifically Greek iirc

2017-12-16 16:18:32 UTC  

Are Greeks really gentiles though