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Hoxhaism demarcates itself by a strict defense of the legacy of Joseph Stalin, the organisation of the Soviet Union under Stalin,[2] and fierce criticism of virtually all other communist groupings as "revisionist".

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nuttin wrong

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nice outfit

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i want his hat

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i need a good communist visor

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Would like it to be a place for theory. <#308995540782284817> and <#308950154222895104> please.

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Hoxhaism is the greatest type of communist thought fam @Blebleh

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@Ica_Sillen#3653 Why is Hoxha a strain exactly?

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I meant as in a type of communist thought

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I don't know much about it. Can you elaborate why it is a strain on communist thought?

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I thought strain meant like a branch on a tree

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Just poor wording

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Last week, I was invited to a hoxhaist-aligned party, but tbh, I don't know much about it

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Why Hoxhaism instead of just Marxism-leninism?

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But, Stalinism doesn't even exist, so what does that mean?

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It's basically socialism in one country

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So, marxism-leninism?

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Yeah, I can't find any mayor differences

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Oh, ok

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But it seems to mix maoism in some ways, but besides of that I can't see any mayor difference

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It's funny how western media potrays the DDR as some poverty-ridden hell hole and west germany as some paradise in comparison when it was almost as rich as west germany

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Hoxhaism, isn't a thing as it never caused a real ideological spilt from Marxism-Leninism

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@Chairman Jack It has points against maoism while picking some definitions and Albania was openly state atheist, denounces Cuban and Chinese revisionism

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The trend considers third-worldism revisionist

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Okay and it didn't break from ML thinking

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Pointing out Revisionism isn't a break from basic ML thinking

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I agree.

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Hoxhaism I don't think should be considered its own separate ideology, then again I am of the belief that Marxism-Leninism is the highest stage.

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Well MLM can be considered an addition to ML thought as it does offer some real rifts from original thought but Hoxhaism doesn't really do the same

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A real difference and rift needs occur between ideologies for them to be considered different

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I disagree, I don't agree with Mao's law of contradictions nor do I believe many of Maoist tenants are universally-applicable.

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I mean, sure Maoists think so, but I don't hold that opinion myself.

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Well yes Maoism isn't universally-applicable especially with his idea of New Democracy which is used to bring states from Feudalism to a somewhat Capitalist state run by the Proletariat with the Peasants along side the petty and national bourgeois. That is completely unnecessary in a nation that has already Capitalistic and thusly you can end the Capitalist stage through State Capitalism with the Party apparatus taking over the economy and then afterwards having the transition to socialism. And the other difference is Mao didn't believe that the Proletariat needed to be the head of the Proletariat Revolution if there weren't many Proletariats, while Hoxha believed that the Proletariat should always be those at the head of a Proletariat Revolution and if a state doesn't have many Proletariats then a strong Vanguard based around them needed to be made.

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Personally through my firm belief in Historical Materialism I find what Hoxha talked about more Dialectical as Capitalism is necessary to remove tribalism and feudal concepts but at the same time the combination of Cultural Revolution and New Democracy can do the exact same thing