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Last week, I was invited to a hoxhaist-aligned party, but tbh, I don't know much about it

Why Hoxhaism instead of just Marxism-leninism?

But, Stalinism doesn't even exist, so what does that mean?

So, marxism-leninism?

Oh, ok

Although I haven't read much about Hoxha, for what I have seen so far, it seems more aligned with Marxism than Maoism.

Marx was actually pretty clear in the historical progression through Dialectical Materialism and how capitalism was not only unavoidable, but also had a sort of "historical mission" in overthrowing Feudalism, and Mao seems to ignore or flee from that

How do I send emotes?


Ohhh, got it, thx



Hmm, makes sense. Does that mean the China still could return to socialism? And this is the phase of capitalism? How do maoists see this?

This is something that I still need to read about, but I must admit it's really intriguing about Maoism.

Yeah, I expected that, and seems to the correct position

I also have heard that Xi Jinping has started a program of intensifying and re-applying classes of Marxism in universities, but his intentions probably aren't really good

I am really looking forward to discover what Xi meant by "a return to Marxist roots" as he repeatedly said in speeches. I can almost feel more revisionism.

Well, it would not be a return into Maoism. China was never Maoist in the theoretical sense. Maoism was not developed until the 1980s, and in Peru.

Well, who knows, maybe it turns out all the revisionism since Deng was all a plan? lol

For real, though, I am skeptical, but it would be amazing.

2017-06-11 16:35:22 UTC [/leftypol/ International #portuguese]  

Olha sรณ

2017-06-11 16:35:33 UTC [/leftypol/ International #portuguese]  

Nunca imaginei que seria criado um canal para portuguรชs!

2017-06-11 16:40:52 UTC [/leftypol/ International #french]  

Salut, mes camarades

2017-06-11 17:08:32 UTC [/leftypol/ International #portuguese]  

Por algum motivo, isso nem me passou pela cabeรงa Hahahaha

2017-06-12 01:26:57 UTC [/leftypol/ International #portuguese]  


2017-06-12 01:27:08 UTC [/leftypol/ International #portuguese]  

E vc รฉ de Portugal, certo?

2017-06-13 08:40:53 UTC [/leftypol/ International #portuguese]  

Sim, hรก vรกrios protestos, mas os de esquerda e movimentos trabalhistas sรฃo sempre sufocados pelos jornais

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