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more like πŸ…±efty πŸ…±ol

why do soviets have posters of gay men and women but have had homosexuality outlawed in the country

yeah i get homosexuality was a product of the times but the posters contridict it

the outlaw of homosexuality

yes i did

what does that have to do with homsexual propaganda then the outlaw of homosexuality lol

was the posters at a period after stalin?

so like after the 50's

when homosexuality was more decriminalized

oh so those were not even during the soviet union

wait nonon

finnishboleshevik is cool

he sorta converted me

theres another really cool marxist-leninist youtuber

ill link

this video is really informative

i got there late and i guess he got hacked and his videos were deleted

all of the classics ive read where inspired by videos

wow that's almost unbelieveable

im trying to convert my ancap friend to mutualist but he's getting kind of pinochet reactionary

hell ya

he's coming more and more authoritarian

i don't really like Xexixy honestly

unruhe is a meme

*he's not in here is he*

xexizy has said some shit about unruhe

@Firefly unruhe or xexizy?

oh yeah i seen that



he called the USSR a mistake

but to a degree jason does too

yeah he's like a pop figure now for maoism

i find him kinda cringy but he's a good theorist

i like the video where he got drunk and started ranting about the haters on his videos

a lot of left communists don't really understand third worldism

i feel like

is like luxemburgism, trotskyism, de leonism, concil communism etc


not really marxist

*but thats a controversial statement*

is communism even big in russia?

idk to like other western countries

idk my dude i just want to know the prevelance of socialism in russia rn

i live in america so its pretty barren from where i am

nuh uh

you mean like the nazbols



im actually pretty in the dark about that

yeah they're hard to come by

the CPUSA supported hillary

yet they say they're marxist leninist

oh shit

to quote lenin "social chauvinists"

what's your guys' opinions on MΓ©lenchon

french socialist candidate

i think that electing socialist candidates are good for short term

but the real shit is in the revolution

but socialism would open up peoples minds for more change i guess

or it could just make them even more deluded lol

bernie would have decimated socialist popularity i feel

i think most communists agree that religion is cancer

people can still have their individual spiritual beliefs though

organized religion needs to go

but generally this is usually achieved through state atheism i think

yeah i don't like state atheism

i dont support any supression unless its reactionary


i think the organized practice of islam is maybe

a lot of western reformists have their own forms of islam

islamic feminists and what not

thats a good point

yeah that backfired in the USSR

religion was basically a moral guideline to follow in ancient times

we've evolved to the point where we can create our own morals

most people who still believe in religion in the west now are socially conservative or traditionalist

fascism is isolationist

unless it uses imperialism

would there even be a government

i think it would just work as a colony

sargon says he doesn't understand communism either



dear god

russians hacking election

we don't see identity politics only class consciousness

what happened


my american history teacher said that sputnik could be used as a inert nuke to bomb the US

gotta put on those silicone hats

how could you know that if it hasn't been tried yet

in cuba illiteracy is almost decimated

tbh i don't really even care if religion exists or not, just the expelling of organized institutions that promote capitalistic and imperial interests

what garlic proposed though would be that socialism would make people educated to the point where the worker abandons it

yeah there you go basically

its not really correliated imo

*pure communism*

nice romanian fash shield

i said pure communism as a joke

but socialism is supposed to educate them first

i think some tribes practiced it without socialism


examples in practice

well i believe socialism is really the only way out right now

from ecological and economical catastrophy

that is brought by capitalism

are you monarchist btw

@iron it got deleted i think

a socialist economy provides elimination of greed

it gives the product to the worker and insentive to work

venezula is 60 percent privatized

as do we

workers deserve to earn the product of their labour and equally distribute it to the masses

in socialism people can still get far through labour if they are hardworking

because if you horde the produce then you're just going to have excess

which why would you want that

@Ulstèr-Scotch in socialism if you were to horde it and sell it it would be considered greed because its not helping the market

that's collectivization

yeah its getting hard

i'm tryin to explain here

so wages in socialism aren't an insentive anymore in a socialist econ

wages are elimated basically

because the workers own means

the produce is given to the market or the state in which it goes through economic syndicates

well im marxist leninist

i think the state should have distirubtion of the goods

ration them and shit

socialism is a very complex idealogy

the state is a product of the dictatorship of the proliteriat

basically the state is the worker and works for the benefit of the worker

@.... thats in capitalism not socialism

they have failed based on revisionist policies

anti-marxist redirections

soviet union had khruschev and gorbacheav

china is an ecological nightmrae

but capitalism has its booms and busts

you mean supply and demand?

holy fuck thats distrubing

yeah thats adam smiff

revisionism from marxism

also imperialist forces

the USSR until after stalin was good, communist china under mao was good

East Germany, Libya, Cuba

i can link you some videos

millions had died due to 2 natural faminies

and japan

people like to chalk it up to mao's "magic weather powers"

but watch the videos they're informative on the matter

they can say more than i could ever

i'd say so

he tried to provide as much relief as possible

we consider ourselves egalitarians


yeah lol

third wave feminism is absolute cancer and neo-liberal cancer

biologically there is only 2

get em tenta

no gender is not a social construct, it is based on biology

there is a boy a girl, then people who want to transition between the 2


are you a traditionalist?

most monarchists are

but ive met some weirdos out there

ah so you're a constitutional monarchist

with libertarian values

so like a monarchy that's based upon the people

its no wonder he swept up germany

i actually really liked franz joseph

what are you talking about lol

he was pretty cool

i thought king zog was cool

what a martyr

nazis stole jungs work and protected jews you know

he worked with freud too, which i think was jewish

most of his work was inspired by him

having lady problems?

aw hell yea

that's my shit

the biggest example of libertarian socialism was basically statism

maybe with out so much imperialistic factors it could work but idk

doesn't look like it

albert what the fuck

lol wut

thats retarded

yeah if you like burnt bodies

read the headline

plug them up with your dick

dicks are a spook

become emotionally detached to everyone

its like that for a lot of countries too

look at france

that's pretty true

i want to buy Squad but i don't want to talk to people

multi personality disorder is very interesting

i think its the brain trying to project like different scenarios and social constructions

and applying it in practice

need to read if ya gonna be a commie

ya not tryin to be a good goy then

you think its fragments of unstructured consciousness?

i have a partisan hammer and sickle pin on mine

because irony hahahahh

my wallet has all my dick pics

i think its a sort of unconscious social scenario playing out by force

that's interesting what's it called

probably not

its associated with a punishment

i think the majority of bdsm lovers weren't really physically abused or had a history of it

idk fetishes are weird and fluid

you ever see that girl who wants to fuck a ferris wheel

i care its interesting >:v

theres a chick who likes to sit on picket fences

and she gets off to that

wow if that doesn't get you wet idk what does

true sportsmanship

aw hell yeah

i like to fuck pictures of stalin

with a hammer and sickle

what part of germany are you at

what is going on lol

tradition is subjective, societies and cultures change everyday

people act like its such a fundumental process of everyday life, but actually tradition is vastly different through out the courses of years

antifa is a liberal agent now

and a rightist propaganda press

i was always confused on how the zielgerat worked

it just looked like a giant lamp

lol it looks so bulky and awkward

late nazi weapons are really cool

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