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2019-03-12 19:15:50 UTC  

Goddamn I wish Arabic and Hebrew text wasn't so damn hard to copy to put it in and translate it.

2019-03-12 19:16:52 UTC  

The one thing European powers didn't do right during their occupation of Asia was not forcing them to write left-to-right and draw manga panels left-to-right too imhotep.

2019-03-13 01:36:15 UTC  

@Offender those are quite anti-Semitic

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2019-03-13 01:37:34 UTC  

Of course.

2019-03-13 01:37:43 UTC  

Like I support Israel but I do not like Netanyahu.

2019-03-13 01:39:08 UTC  

a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.

2019-03-13 01:39:28 UTC  

But if Israel does that it will lose Jewish majority

2019-03-13 01:40:07 UTC  

So a two state solution?

2019-03-13 01:40:12 UTC  

then what

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2019-03-13 01:40:24 UTC  

Then Israel wouldn't be Jewish

2019-03-13 01:40:58 UTC  

Israelis are people who live in Israel

2019-03-13 01:41:02 UTC  

Both Jews and Arabs

2019-03-13 01:41:14 UTC  

But Israel is the Jewish State

2019-03-13 01:41:22 UTC  

The nation-state and homeland of the Jewish people

2019-03-13 01:41:55 UTC  

Israel is the Jewish State

2019-03-13 01:42:03 UTC  

If it annexes the West Bank and Gaza,

2019-03-13 01:42:07 UTC  

it is no longer that

2019-03-13 01:42:11 UTC  

That is bad

2019-03-13 01:42:22 UTC  

The Jews would ultimately face discrimination.

2019-03-13 01:43:28 UTC  

Israel has equal rights for Jews and Arabs right now.

2019-03-13 01:44:11 UTC  

Arabs and Jews are equal on paper and reality

2019-03-13 01:44:25 UTC  

However Jews were expelled from the Arab world

2019-03-13 01:44:33 UTC  

But Israel did not retaliate this on Arabs

2019-03-13 01:44:47 UTC  

say Palestinians what

2019-03-13 01:44:58 UTC  

Palestinians you are referring to are Arabs

2019-03-13 01:45:25 UTC  

But in reality Palestinians are anybody who lives in Israel, the Hills of Judea and Samaria, Jordan, and the Gaza Strip

2019-03-13 01:45:33 UTC  

it isn't an ethnicity

2019-03-13 01:45:40 UTC  

Jews and Arabs are however

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2019-03-13 01:46:47 UTC  

The name Palestinian referring to Arabs only is false.

2019-03-13 01:46:54 UTC  

What do you mean

2019-03-13 01:47:10 UTC  

In the end I want Israel to own a lot more but that is not feasible now.

2019-03-13 01:47:32 UTC  

I do not support the 1967 borders as they are unsafe.

2019-03-13 01:47:46 UTC  

I'll show you what I support *now*

2019-03-13 01:48:52 UTC  

i cant find my copy paste saying that semitism is a language, and palastinians are semites too. so jews are the true anti semites

2019-03-13 01:49:18 UTC  

That map is false

2019-03-13 01:49:36 UTC  

it isnt

2019-03-13 01:49:40 UTC  

Yes give me a second