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Lol this isn’t Hebrew

Okay I’ll do some lol

עם ישראל חי

@Offender those are quite anti-Semitic

Of course.

Like I support Israel but I do not like Netanyahu.

a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.

But if Israel does that it will lose Jewish majority

So a two state solution?

then what

Then Israel wouldn't be Jewish

Israelis are people who live in Israel

Both Jews and Arabs

But Israel is the Jewish State

The nation-state and homeland of the Jewish people

Israel is the Jewish State

If it annexes the West Bank and Gaza,

it is no longer that

That is bad

The Jews would ultimately face discrimination.

Israel has equal rights for Jews and Arabs right now.

Arabs and Jews are equal on paper and reality

However Jews were expelled from the Arab world

But Israel did not retaliate this on Arabs

say Palestinians what

Palestinians you are referring to are Arabs

But in reality Palestinians are anybody who lives in Israel, the Hills of Judea and Samaria, Jordan, and the Gaza Strip

it isn't an ethnicity

Jews and Arabs are however

The name Palestinian referring to Arabs only is false.

What do you mean

In the end I want Israel to own a lot more but that is not feasible now.

I do not support the 1967 borders as they are unsafe.

I'll show you what I support *now*

That map is false

Yes give me a second

I have to remake it

This including the Golan

Israel should have all of the blue and the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights isn’t on that Map for Israel’s

So I was just telling you

In Gaza and the non-settlement areas

Israel has rightfully had the Golan since 1967

@Parasitaxus it is the most valuable except Hamas owns it (Gaza)

War of self Defense

The Jews accepted that

The Arabs did not

So you calling Gaza small?

@Offender explain Israel’s War of Independence

With my proposal

Is what an invasion

If both don’t agree then lol I have no idea

Israel usually agrees

They want peace

Explain the end of ww2

WW3 never happened

But it never went hot.

If Palestine went to War with Israel who would Win

Palestine is not Israel

The region used to be Judea until the Romans

It is a REGION

Okay enough

You are really anti-Semitic

I’m not talking about you

It is their right

Birth right

Have you never heard of the birthright programme?

I’m going there next year, very excited.

Birthright is a programme

It is for Jews. They can visit Israel for free.

Because it is their homeland.

And it is special.

I know Jews who have done it.

But most Jews are Zionists

That’s so untrue,

Britain limited Jewish immigration to the mandate.

Most Jews are Zionists

@Parasitaxus is Israel existed in the 1930s

Jews could flee

And they wouldn’t be murdered in the holocaust


Are you dumb

Are you freaking dumb

6 million jews DIED

They were murdered

@RoX @Offender you are sick neo-Nazis

But I’m not Jewish

I am waiting until I am 21 to make a religious choice

I am agnostic as of now.

Because I have seen credible evidence from both sides.

I’ll never be Jewish ethnically .

But I could become one religiously.

I spoke to Jews.

I spoke to someone Jewish on discord and they said I could convert.

You can convert.

Like I know people who have,

I don’t get to decide

That’s not my job

I want them to be in peace though

How could you say this

Jews are so kind.

Israel is welfare capitalist now

But they used to be socialist

America and Israel fight a lot

And America used to be Israel’s enemy

From 1948-1977 they were socialist

They didn’t achieve Communism

But they were doing really good

@Parasitaxus Israel was always a socialist country

They just lacked a unifying socialist leader

@Parasitaxus they had a socialist ruling party

They made a mistake though

They didn’t ban all other parties

And make that the vanguard

The workers were very empowered

They were clearly on the way to pure socialism

Also I will show you what Israelis said

Wait you can’t click on it and it zooms in?

If you read them you will see

These are Israelites


I will see what I can do to fix it

They had exactly what the Soviet Union had

With the planned economy and five year plans

Anyways I have school tomorrow


@Parasitaxus as I said, they never achieved Communism. But they were working towards it.

Islamism is evil Islam is not evil

Lol you criticised Stalin

Why are you here

@instinct! this is an international

So why are right wingers here

Stalin is awesome

@Sado don’t listen to him. He hates Jews too.

@Sado are you anti-Semitic too?

@Sado you brought up the “Jewish nose”

I am not anti-Semitic at all

@Sado offender hates a lot of people

You know I wish you knew Jews

If you knew Jews you would be a happy person

I am mostly British @Sado

Otherwise other Europeans

I have no Jewish ancestry

Jews are nice people

I know many Jews

Christians , Muslims, and Jews worship the same God

@Sado what do you mean

Jews have never wronged me

I don’t see how it is anti-Semitic @Sado

I am not fat lol

Okay let’s see

What is spam made out of

@Offender lol you make Jews into gods

Tell me how 14 million people rule the earth lol

Okay how about this

Lol you say Jews rule the world

The UN always attacks Israel

(The Jewish State is Israel)

If the “Jews own the world” how come the UN attacks them and Israel?

Zionism isn’t Judaism but most Jews are Zionist. 99%.

Jews taught me a lot about Israel. It is very cool.

Every Jew I know is a zionist

Lol you are so dumb

So by your logic

Blacks aren’t real

The only real blacks are the ones in the KKK

@Sado how is Israel bad

Israel is a very cool place

I’m going there next year

Everybody who goes there loves it

I’m not Jewish

It said 0.00% Jewish

It was 90.8% British and Irish

Although my family is Christian

I just said I am not Christian

I am agnostic

My family is Christian

I only went to church once

My family is not super religious

My family never talked about Israel

Israel and America used to be enemies

Israel has made mistakes just like Stalin did but they aren’t bad.

Stalin was awesome

Just like Israel is

Oh I’m ignorant?

@Nayf when I say mistakes I mean tactical errors

I love Stalin

I have to do more research on the USS liberty

They do say that

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