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@Deleted User followers of the talmudic faith are commanded to do that

Do you even know that human doesnt means homo sapient?

a human is some one with a set of behaviour

Do you even know that racism does not means discrimination?

racism doesnt means prejudges

if its fact is is not a judgement

If you fuck osome one whith a high iq being a different race this iq genetic does not omes in to expresion as intelect is based on poly genes.

not having the complimentairy genetics prevents expresion

You just suggested yourselfto mix every one. this causes desabalization. you would create the problem of racial conflict that we are trying to stop here

Dont you get they use the introduction of multi culture multi race to take control over you

or at least create tribalism that distracts every one from the true rulers that control us

They are the one who create the racial conflict by mixing races in the same socity creating this conflict and hate in the forst place

Implying the dad would stay around if he wasnt injail, you are cherrypicking now

Do you feel that criminals who are criminal because of thir genetic should breed?

you think iinstinct is created in schools

have you seen the state of schools recently?

it is the parents job to tell kids not to steal at the age of 2?? why let schools do this when someone i s14??

maybe we should sterilize stupid ppl so we are not burned with stupid kids


helter skelter will never happen, every time in history where a non native population enters a nation the natives die out as the non natives grow in numbers, sometimes there is a round up of the natives, but this is not a war. see arab spring with thousands of deaths and rapes among egyptians

im not trolling, try not to slander

if you have a argument make it

what evidence do you have to lander me?


Nor do you have any reason to state that i am trolling

i presented argumentation to helter skelter, you came back with slander

to me it seems like you are the one trolling

@Deleted User Sub species, you would still be the same genus

Well after 7 generations a hybrid is mostly truebreeding. meaing its a breed (race)

sub species can evolve in much less then 100 k years 5 to 10 is more likely

Sounds nice.

not unless you become a drone in the collective. "not every one is smart enough to vote for what is right"

So some lower bad decision making individuals will have to be ignored

There is no such thing as mixed race. mixed race is a transition in to one or the other race

The avg iq in the world is 88 or something

it does not

@Deleted User well, if you have a group (small group) of ppl with equal thougt paterns you might be able to connect them in to a network

@Deleted User no, iq is standarized

you cant change a measuring tapes lenght based on what you are measuring can you ?

he just workes on his set of information, no need to slander

i have heard that misconception more often, you cant blame him for that

i have been wrong more then ones because of bad information myself

If you get 60 ppl and a piece of land you can start your own town

still, how cool would that be , have a resource based trade

communism works at a small community level

you have the added social responibility instinct that come in to play with small group and free loaders can be spotted with ease


i watched this vid on , think it was the small houses movement.
they got hammered by the gov for doing the "have your own town thing"

US is kinda in transition / is a socialist state

you cant say obama care doesnt has the pretense of socialism

I said "pretense"

still a lot of policy in the states are breeding low iq ppl with out the will to work and subsidising them to breed more at the cost of those who do work

When will ppl understand it is just the same group of rich ppl using both systems to play the ppl out against eachother

they benfit no matter who has the power whilst the ppl squable among themself

acid eroded teeth, she should lay of the soda, it is toxic garbage

Just killing the rich will result in the mob of ppl killing the street level rich, aka the hardworking and smart ppl who get a head in this cesspool

result is more dumb ppl who make bad decisions when it comes to government

they are the majority

the ppl gehind the shitshow dont stay in the shitshow, they move to another country when shit happens

What a bout israel, they are facists

Nope what

tell that to the palistians

or their own ppl that they lock up when they go against zionism

they are just ppl

any one can be manipulated and controlled when you aplly enough propaganda from a young age, have you ever talked to a isrreali ? they are brainwashed and call you muslim the moment you open your mouth. its sad

the government is, and they are too b

it wasnt more then 3 months ago when a whole city was chanting seath to arabs or something, for being non jews. that is not facist ?

Saying that they are both stupid is a strawmen and wont cut it either

they lock ppl up for not agreeing with the regime

accuse some one of mollesting their own kids so the kids get shipped to a boarding school (propaganda centre) for their safety

true, its not the palastinians place either. im not arguing that point

NK isnt really communist tho , the revute the false state of israel and the banking systems.

the only reason why the get shit is because they have rare earth minerals., they would have been like that other rebel nation in asia if it wasnt for th minerals

so, how would one call a oppressing ideological gov that doesnt uses god?

who came up with that definition ?

so if i do facist things with out believing in god im not facist

i always thought facism is oppresive with out allowing other ideology

So if i do facist things with out god how would that be called?

how would falsehood define the factors of oppresing and not allowing other believes?

how would the word falsehood clearyfy that there is also oppresion when it comes to other believes

no just dyslectic

it is just my spelling that sucks

What dont you get about my wording you use both falsehood and facism for a state that is oppresive

those terms are not synoumness

Any way, you said facism is related to believe in god and false hood

it is not

a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition,

@Deleted User you did kinda say that you wanted to kill all humans.

funny enough also a product of samuel johnson , the dude is pretty good at poetry

@Deleted User i missed your ideas,

you mentioned somethings a bout a mars colony

you just did not say anything about it after i started reading. how nice of every one to be prejudges all the sudden

despite having dislectia i do have a iq of 143 and my reading level is at 1400 sybols aminunet

because im spelling

typing is not reading dummy

and im not the one who is making up meaing for termonlogy

if you cant understand a text with a lot of typos . errors it is you who just lacks understanding thered american understands it

i think hes just trolling

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