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I'm immensely thankful

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"Men who ignore the ways of Tradition, but sacrifice in full faith, Krishna, what quality of nature is basic in them-what lucidity, passion, or dark inertia?"

Lord Krishna:

"Listen as I explain- the threefold nature of Faith inherent in the embodied self- lucid, passionate, and darkly inert.

The Faith each man has, Arjuna, follows his degree of lucidity; a man consists of his Faith, and his Faith is, so is He.

Men of lucidity sacrifice to the gods; men of passion, to spirits and demons, the others, of dark inertia, to spirits and ghosts.

Men who practice horrific penances that go against Traditional norms are trapped in hypocrisy and individuality, overwhelmed by the emotion of desire.

Without reason, they torment the elements composing their bodies, and they torment me within them.

Know them to have Demonic resolve.."

*Bhagavad-Gita* - The Seventeenth Teaching: The Three Aspects of Faith

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@patron Saint of EATIN Kevin Smith actually had a heart attack today. He survived

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The progressive arch-soyboy marches on

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No more Big Lebowdski Jeebus

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Kevin Smith deserves it

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Red state and yogahosuers were abominations

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I can see why programmers tend to be so stressed out. One missing "/" in the html fucked up the entire article, and this is only 8 pages of html. I'd imagine coding would be way worse, especially on big projects

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Also, I'm glad I know how to back up my work lmao

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But yeah, it's got pictures if anybody is interested in that sort of thing

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@DanEss has some cool books!

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I feel like Matt H and Andrew A are going to have to debate optics. I feel like both camps are taking emotional jabs
and Andrew is going to keep shooting slugs. It all seems like the matter should be discussed man-to-man or not at all I guess.
TWP to me has a kind of optic that appeals to nice overlap of ppl. kind of 1.0 and 2.0

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Andrew v Matt cagematch

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I get next on Andrew

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I received my copy of "SS Panzergrenadier" from the National Alliance today. It is the tale of adventure, pain, and intrigue that follows the author, Hans Schmidt, into the Waffen SS. Copies can be ordered here

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Book gains

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Do you have Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard?

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No I don't

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That's the one that is about extreme Darwinism

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It inspired Anton LaVey

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I dunno about Anton LaVey but you should readd it

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anton lavey's deathbed confession is something people should hear. in the end he wailed knowing he was going to hell.

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Required reading so we can establish the TWP armored division.

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>not *Achtung! Panzer*
but it wouldn't really be useful either way

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He was president of Texas and wanted Texas to be it's own Anglo nation