Message from Lolburg MI in Operation Wolverine #general

2018-01-18 05:04:33 UTC  

I doubt we need to be his security team.

2018-01-18 05:04:43 UTC  

We just need to be there to show support.

2018-01-18 05:08:47 UTC  

It would be good publicity though if "Patriot Front Stands as Spencers bodyguards"

2018-01-18 05:09:18 UTC  

Either way, if we are in uniform, people will recognize us.

2018-01-18 05:10:31 UTC  

The day in general will be a golden event to do a banner drop or postering run somewhere, that's where we'd get the most/best publicity

2018-01-18 05:10:59 UTC  

He won't need us as body guards dude. They have paid security team

2018-01-18 05:11:10 UTC  


2018-01-18 05:11:12 UTC  

We will either be in attendance to the speech building, as supporting audience, or outside protecting and interacting with attendees who are supportive. We will likely not be official security.

2018-01-18 06:17:05 UTC  

What's this?

2018-01-18 06:17:15 UTC  

Oh nevermind

2018-01-18 15:16:52 UTC  

Would regular clothes be best for this? Then any videos would show an audience that's legitimately interested in what he has to say. Also we could shout down any hecklers. Let him speak!

2018-01-18 15:32:47 UTC  

I think regular clothes would be best

2018-01-18 16:46:05 UTC  

Regular clothes seems to be a good idea, though perhaps a subtle indicator of factions would be useful.

2018-01-18 16:51:39 UTC  

We need the media to get the impression that normal people are attending his events.

2018-01-18 16:55:49 UTC  

I'm dressing in normal clothes if I go

2018-01-18 16:56:27 UTC  

But thing is.. They might be normal clothes for women

2018-01-18 17:09:08 UTC  

Halter top nationalism

2018-01-18 17:53:11 UTC  

Yoga pants, Uggs, and an oversized U of M hoodie Chad gave me.

2018-01-18 17:53:39 UTC  

Haha we'll be looking sexy af

2018-01-18 17:54:00 UTC  

Especially your legs jelly

2018-01-18 17:54:03 UTC  

😁 😉

2018-01-18 18:37:07 UTC  

March 5th.

2018-01-18 18:37:40 UTC  

@everyone ^^

2018-01-18 18:41:29 UTC  

Hell fucking yeah

2018-01-18 18:42:00 UTC  

It's habbening!

2018-01-18 18:42:14 UTC  

Operation Spartan

2018-01-18 18:42:29 UTC  

We need to change it from op wolverine to something that combines both

2018-01-18 18:43:10 UTC  

We can focus on fancy names after we have some solid plans. I'm going to get in touch with some NPI folks today, if possible, and we'll take it from there.

2018-01-18 18:43:22 UTC  

Sounds good man

2018-01-18 18:43:38 UTC  

Great, thanks. It will be interesting to see how it will pan out with both events being close to one another.

2018-01-18 18:45:13 UTC  

I'm missing something, what is the second event?

2018-01-18 18:46:44 UTC  

Oh this is MSU in GR?

2018-01-18 18:46:52 UTC  

I want to be happy it cost the University 27k in attorney fees, but In reality that was tax payer money.

2018-01-18 18:48:18 UTC  

Deimos, there was an MSU and a U of M event. MSU is in Lansing, U of M is in Ann Arbor.

2018-01-18 18:48:53 UTC  

So we have a confirmed date and time for Lansing, just waiting to find out about Ann Arbor.. I'm sure they're super butthurt right now.

2018-01-18 18:49:02 UTC  


2018-01-18 18:49:48 UTC  

I also agree about the "regular clothes" uniform? But not casual

2018-01-18 18:50:18 UTC  

We have to look good, dress shirts, vests and dress pants?

2018-01-18 18:50:35 UTC  

March will be a bit warmer hopefully