Message from NDO Nick-TX in Front And Center #general

2017-10-07 01:20:57 UTC  

Is it too much white?

2017-10-07 01:21:39 UTC  

There's no red and it's not really based on the federal flag of the US

2017-10-07 01:22:15 UTC  

i think its good as an alternate

2017-10-07 01:22:23 UTC  

There's no need for alternate flags tho

2017-10-07 01:22:58 UTC  

as an amateur vexillologist who has submitted many rejected designs to my hometown

2017-10-07 01:23:03 UTC  

I accept this rejection

2017-10-07 01:23:28 UTC  

I want a flag that is strikingly similar to the current federal flag, but has our symbol on it, to be waved alongside the current federal flag

2017-10-07 01:25:15 UTC  

@Thötterdämmerung That's what I was thinking for patches. That design would be great for that

2017-10-07 01:26:27 UTC  

The blue outer rim would need to be thicker for patches, but yes that would look good, maybe some slight edits to the logo to make it embroider better.

2017-10-07 01:27:30 UTC  

Imagine that on a hat with a bump insert with the blue polo and khaki tactical pants.

2017-10-07 01:27:43 UTC

2017-10-07 01:27:56 UTC

2017-10-07 01:29:10 UTC  

It'd look good

2017-10-07 01:29:47 UTC  

Yea it would

2017-10-07 01:31:12 UTC  


2017-10-07 01:32:23 UTC  

For patches I can see it

2017-10-07 01:32:55 UTC  

as long as you're

2017-10-07 01:32:59 UTC  

thinking about it

2017-10-07 01:34:26 UTC  

I kind of like the more monotone blue and white for a patch but I can get down with the red border

2017-10-07 01:34:52 UTC  

If we ever differentiate event security/shieldwall and regular demonstrators it could be a signifier

2017-10-07 01:34:56 UTC  

I can see why the city keeps rejecting your designs @Thötterdämmerung

2017-10-07 01:34:56 UTC  

or leadership could wear red

2017-10-07 01:35:23 UTC  

But for flags we fly on poles, I'm probably gonna stick with the half blue/half stripes

2017-10-07 01:35:25 UTC  

it's mainly because I kept putting emojis and incorporating George Costanza at 99% transparency into the background of them

2017-10-07 01:35:43 UTC  


2017-10-07 01:36:47 UTC  

One of my humble submissions

2017-10-07 01:37:17 UTC  

i'll put it back in the resume

2017-10-07 01:38:49 UTC  

I think the middle center is great for large view, for small view I like middle left. Think the american star on planes. So carried flags should be middle center, while patches and labels would work well as middle left.

2017-10-07 01:40:05 UTC  

Not a bad suggestion, not bad at all.

2017-10-07 01:40:11 UTC  

I hadn't thought of it like that.

2017-10-07 01:42:02 UTC  

Center row and top left

2017-10-07 01:42:34 UTC  

Center row as in the center of the center row?

2017-10-07 01:42:56 UTC  

I like all the center row

2017-10-07 01:43:20 UTC  

Are we done with the rising sun aesthetic? Personally I think it's under utilized but I would understand if we're not gonna use it....

2017-10-07 01:43:37 UTC  

The issue with dead center

2017-10-07 01:43:47 UTC  

is that when there's no wind

2017-10-07 01:43:49 UTC  

I think we'll go with bottom left for everything.

2017-10-07 01:43:50 UTC  

@Norman Rising sun?