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2017-11-01 04:18:23 UTC  

Neither did I. I remember when I used to go house to house and the streets were lined with kids, groups of kids and their parents. Laughing, chatting. Stopping at some doors to talk about things, various things. It didn't really matter, what. What mattered is that they all could go out in the street on a night that was supposed to be scary and be, well, a community.

The unfortunate fact is that the next time we'll probably see the communities we remember will be after we build our own.

2017-11-01 04:22:36 UTC  

i had to work

2017-11-01 04:22:41 UTC  

My area used to throw community trunk or treats and the streets would be filled with people and their children I went out tonight and only found one group of people. Our neighborhood had no one at all.

2017-11-01 04:22:53 UTC  

@EuroChad Hey man, where you been? You alright?

2017-11-01 04:23:18 UTC  

i was in the hospital

2017-11-01 04:23:34 UTC  

Kids have been using holidays as a excuse to enduldge in self distructive behavior like substance abuse.

2017-11-01 04:23:39 UTC  

I heard, why? What happened? If you're not comfortable saying it that's fine.

2017-11-01 04:24:15 UTC  

i was getting treatment for bulimia

2017-11-01 04:25:12 UTC  

"bulimia is the last implicit stand of white identity"

2017-11-01 04:25:37 UTC  

Did the treatment work? How long were you in there? I didn't know you had it.

2017-11-01 04:25:50 UTC  

yes it did and about 3 weeks or so

2017-11-01 04:26:05 UTC  

What's the treatment?

2017-11-01 04:26:58 UTC  

inpatient care

2017-11-01 04:27:10 UTC  

Rain in Houston along with Game 6 of didn't help attendance for Halloween.

2017-11-01 04:27:19 UTC  

lmao all the new guys are gonna think im a fag

2017-11-01 04:27:47 UTC  

We got quite a few. I was worried something real bad had happend to you man.

2017-11-01 04:28:05 UTC  

nah im good but im grounded

2017-11-01 04:28:17 UTC  

mom found out about houston

2017-11-01 04:28:25 UTC  

@Krieger-04 welcome bro

2017-11-01 04:28:40 UTC  

Can't disappear without a trace like that. Kevin had two hospital visits where they went in a knifed up his guts and took out an organ or two for good measure and he kept us pretty updated as to the gory details. 😂

2017-11-01 04:28:50 UTC  

How'd she find out?

2017-11-01 04:28:57 UTC  

i messaged yall that i was in the hospital

2017-11-01 04:29:14 UTC  

and theres no phones or internet in inpatient care

2017-11-01 04:29:32 UTC  

she saw azzmadors video

2017-11-01 04:29:53 UTC  

Kev is a swell guy, he lost a lot of weight because of it.

2017-11-01 04:31:31 UTC  

She recognized you from it? With the mask? I suppose that makes sense. @EuroChad

2017-11-01 04:31:39 UTC  

Well, sucks. But hey, you're alive.

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2017-11-01 04:33:56 UTC  

crazy shit

2017-11-01 04:34:30 UTC  

did you guys see the truck of peace in jew york?

2017-11-01 04:35:41 UTC  

9 people were culturally enriched

2017-11-01 04:37:14 UTC

2017-11-01 05:39:39 UTC  


2017-11-01 05:39:39 UTC

2017-11-01 07:07:10 UTC  

@Krieger-04 Welcome.

2017-11-01 07:07:27 UTC  

Sorry I was asleep.

2017-11-01 08:06:00 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Looking like a good iteration

2017-11-01 08:08:23 UTC  

@Krieger-04 Glad to have you with us.

2017-11-01 09:53:38 UTC  

@EuroChad I'm just glad you're out of the hospital and safe. We'll get you a balaclava next time

2017-11-01 13:05:20 UTC  

Not a single fucking Trick Or Treater in my neighborhood. Death of the West. No kids around anymore.,.. 😦

2017-11-01 14:10:54 UTC  

@Norman you gotta move out to my neighborhood dude.