Message from Oliver in Front And Center #general

2018-03-04 05:32:10 UTC  

Beans are awful

2018-03-04 05:32:16 UTC  

You should’ve yelled “Yo quiero comer tu culo mamaguevo”

2018-03-04 05:33:23 UTC  

Or “silencio tu M A M A G U E V O O O”

2018-03-04 05:33:58 UTC

2018-03-04 05:34:15 UTC  

Mamaguevo means cocksucker; they get so mad

2018-03-04 05:34:39 UTC  

Kudos on the banner drop

2018-03-04 05:34:42 UTC  

Fucking FIRE FAM

2018-03-04 05:34:46 UTC  


2018-03-04 05:34:50 UTC  

It was the same thots i propositioned to in the video

2018-03-04 05:34:58 UTC  

Yeah, very nice job

2018-03-04 05:35:24 UTC  

Thanks goys. More pics to come later hopefully

2018-03-04 05:39:03 UTC  

@The_Human_Shoah @Goodest_Boy Upload pics/vids to a Google Drive folder, then share said folder with me in DMs.

2018-03-04 05:41:44 UTC

2018-03-04 05:42:11 UTC  


2018-03-04 05:42:22 UTC  

Snapchat edits fam

2018-03-04 05:42:39 UTC  

What event was this

2018-03-04 05:43:24 UTC  

Top secret

2018-03-04 05:43:38 UTC  

Got it

2018-03-04 05:43:48 UTC  

A get together of various individuals of moderate like-mindedness for the purpose of merriment.

2018-03-04 05:44:10 UTC  

Ah okay

2018-03-04 05:44:41 UTC  

Electric boogaloo

2018-03-04 05:44:49 UTC  


2018-03-04 05:51:13 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX where are yall at?

2018-03-04 05:55:20 UTC  

Seen that meme posted too many times.

2018-03-04 05:55:28 UTC  

Here it comes

2018-03-04 05:55:33 UTC  

@Kampfhund Location undisclosed.

2018-03-04 05:56:17 UTC  


2018-03-04 05:57:24 UTC  

>Thomas counter signals alcohol consumption the entire time

2018-03-04 06:00:02 UTC  

Nothing wrong with a drink with the fellas! That’s how revolutions throughout history have been planned! An evening at the tavern

2018-03-04 06:02:13 UTC  

Who's the nigga in the pinstripe mobster suit?

2018-03-04 06:03:56 UTC  

@Oliver It's more often a self indulgent excuse to be unaccountable for reckless activity and to needlessly splurge on behavior that should not be engaged in at all.

2018-03-04 06:04:06 UTC  

@Kampfhund The resident mobster.

2018-03-04 06:06:13 UTC  

Trying to remember that Clockwork Orange quote about drunkenness

2018-03-04 06:07:36 UTC  

"One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy dirty old drunky howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts;I could never stand to see anyone like that. whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was.

2018-03-04 06:10:14 UTC  

prohibition gang

2018-03-04 06:10:53 UTC  

🅱️rohibition Gang

2018-03-04 06:10:56 UTC  

“Purity, Sobriety and the White Christian’s Jesus”

2018-03-04 06:15:10 UTC

2018-03-04 06:17:55 UTC  
2018-03-04 06:46:27 UTC  

Goodnight everyone! 🇺🇸💪🏻

2018-03-04 07:08:26 UTC