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I most don’t have over a 5th grade education

2019-08-27 17:31:28 UTC  

Bruh! My fuckin mexican grandma is hella racist. And my gfs parents are from mexico and racist af too

My fam has decent education, they're just brainwashed is all

2019-08-27 17:31:49 UTC  

All the mexicans in the army were racist too called the black dudes miate kr whatever

2019-08-27 17:31:53 UTC  

The left is rather racist, which is why they play so hard on identity politics, and try and virtue signal so much

2019-08-27 17:31:53 UTC  

Means shitbug

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That's fucked

My fam gets pissed off when I mentioned our Native, Spaniard, French, and Serbian bloodlines, Literally Calling us animals for not being "Pure bred mexican"

2019-08-27 17:32:36 UTC  

Racism is weird in the military to begin with

2019-08-27 17:33:02 UTC  

🤣🤣 sorry were all muts dude

Literally a quote from my great-aunt, "Mijo, how the hell you wanna compare us to those animals, our blood is our blood, they may be i our blood but they are foreign animals"

Like damn.... Calm down ...

Having a left-wing ultra racist family is funny af

2019-08-27 17:39:53 UTC  

How many of you actually know team tactics or at least individual tactics to a small scale?

I dunno shit

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I'm Always willing to learn bro @wendiko

How do you guys like your eggs? scrambled? over reasy? poached? hard boiled? soft boiled? fried? sunny side up?

2019-08-27 17:44:35 UTC  

I have a small understanding

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I I like mine really runny

What sides? I'm making both breakfast hotlinks and patties, hash browns, and fried spam

2019-08-27 17:46:36 UTC  

Tell me you can make spamusubi

O tried once, i fucked up and overcooked the rice 😭

2019-08-27 17:47:51 UTC  

Shiiiit good enough

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I'll stick with coffee, a shot of vodka, and a bagel

2019-08-27 19:35:09 UTC

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Some old guy drove by and took a picture of my house

2019-08-27 19:44:40 UTC  

Youve said to much.

2019-08-27 19:44:45 UTC  

They come for your toes

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Get on my fucking level bitch, DHS had a stakeout of my house for 2 weeks

2019-08-27 19:45:12 UTC  

Real shit?

2019-08-27 19:45:12 UTC  

Wife took those boys cookies and coffee

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Pir que