насильственное убийство

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Welp. Finally an excuse to download Discord again

Prolly so the fed fucks won't be able to, you know, pull their bullshit

As obvious, I'm not Russian, just a typical slavboo

Mock me, I want to feel bad

Maybe not THAT bad. I just want jokes is all

I can't crop with this phone

Почему я должен страдать .....

Dunno if google translation is even good 😅

Not to be an "ebil antisemite" but come on, the (((merchant))) are proven to be responsible for a lot of bad shit in this world .. js...

Islam is evil, legitimately

Basically... all of the dirty Abrahamic desert religions are ... eew...

Christianity, eew, Catholicism, eww, islam, eww, juda((eww))

Oi, oi. I'm.... I'm no trying to argue, I'm only saying my opinion on crap

[insert rando religion] IS A FUCKIN' QUEER FAG

Okay... I officially like this group...

I'm not new to /k/, but not an oldfag either

I just lurk the groups mostly... Sorta...


Jees, why so judg-+ Oh nevermind

I'm gonna get banned again.... aren't I......

I'm sorry I'm so weird alright

I just... Literally downed like 6 redbulls in a fee minutes

Caffeine has little effect on me, it's....i dunno, it's some kinda metabolism thing

The doctor had an overly long and stupid name for it... I could drink lots of coffee, tea, and energy drinks, and barely effect me

Also, I have severe ADHD so there's that

I either hyper-focus on stupid shit, or I can't concentrate at all

Oh god, me on range day

Prople say I'm "fun to be around" but I annoy the piss outta myself daily with bullshit

It's why I have no friends 😅

Bruh I hope you feel better. get a nap? sleep is important

this is coming from a guy with insomnia

I'm constipated most of the time

I LITERALLY can only use my FUCKIN' TOILET at 4 am.... I dunno why

I tried laxatives but.. well.. I don't like the way they make me feel afterwards

I turn into a weeaboo on the toilet tho...

Oh god, I know that page

Doktor is cool imho

Oi. I gots feeeeeeeelings ya'lnow

I'm friggin 27 alright...... Hopefully I'm the youngest one here

Legit tho.... At times I feel like a Boomer but.... I hate myself for it

My main problem with society is that there isn't enough nacho cheese sauce to go around

Politics and War would be so much better if we had small little tiny cups of nacho cheese to dip

Sometimes.... I feel like I want to An Hero by way of nacho cheese boiling me like in TERMINATOR TWO

Like the final gesture

sinking into molten hot orange stuff

Meteorite? Wooh, man that's hardcore

Why did the alien like eating space Rocks over earth rocks?

Apace rocks were a little... meteor

I have too many of those....

IT'S... the only way I can make friends

the only way I know how to make friends... Or at the very least?.. conversations

I'm a boring person....

I'm .... too happy/go-lucky about.... uhh.. stuff

Not that I'm being funny or trying to, I was molested at 14 by my aunt and that changed me a lot and I dunno why.... well I do but you know...

I used to be all serious and droll and shit when I was younger

But well... I dunno, it affected me in a weird way and bow I just feel.... Weird about everything

My dad just made fun of and mom never believed me.... I guess I'm just meant to suffer honestly


I hate when I get like this

I basically... have like 2 acres all to myself... and I walk around in my boxers all day

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