Message from Donald OH in Front And Center #general

2018-02-28 02:01:13 UTC  

@FASHRABBIT Check friend requests shortly.

2018-02-28 02:11:26 UTC  

Hey, could I get that Facebook page on March 4 Trump again?

2018-02-28 02:13:31 UTC  

did you guys see baked alaska got a 90 day zucc on youtube for the anglin vs sargon vid?

2018-02-28 02:13:47 UTC  

Yeah; wack af

2018-02-28 02:13:51 UTC  

yeah that was some BS

2018-02-28 02:15:20 UTC  

@Rocky Place Mean to post that in NW1?

2018-02-28 02:16:35 UTC  


2018-02-28 02:16:43 UTC  

that's idiotic

2018-02-28 02:17:09 UTC  

perhaps if Anglin had faired more poorly the suspension wouldn't have occurred

2018-02-28 02:23:05 UTC  

Andrew Shulz is my new favorite stand up guy

2018-02-28 02:23:21 UTC  

Who dat

2018-02-28 02:25:27 UTC  

Best stand up is John Mulaney

2018-02-28 02:25:35 UTC  

Dude is hilarious

2018-02-28 02:25:47 UTC  

>mick who married a jew

2018-02-28 02:26:02 UTC  

Yeah ik but I can’t deny funny stuff

2018-02-28 02:26:06 UTC  

Ah well

2018-02-28 02:26:13 UTC  

He'll divorce her after dealing with her shit

2018-02-28 02:26:17 UTC  

See also: Mike Enoch

2018-02-28 02:26:19 UTC  


2018-02-28 02:26:19 UTC  

he fell for the khazar milkers

2018-02-28 02:26:27 UTC  

Lmao 😂😂

2018-02-28 02:26:36 UTC  

Hey, I'd fuck some hot khazar milkers

2018-02-28 02:26:38 UTC  

give no fucks

2018-02-28 02:26:40 UTC  

What’s up with the white guy asian girl epidemic

2018-02-28 02:26:52 UTC  

How do we stop this menace

2018-02-28 02:27:20 UTC  

Those kinds of guys will breed themselves out anyway

2018-02-28 02:27:22 UTC  

Impossible short term

2018-02-28 02:27:52 UTC  

It's a result of a huge epidemic of loud obnoxious pudgy white women

2018-02-28 02:28:13 UTC  

Also, white men have become less masculine

2018-02-28 02:28:16 UTC  

they're almost without exception faggy, weak and subscribe to politically safe opinions

2018-02-28 02:28:18 UTC  

Lots of soy boy homos

2018-02-28 02:28:54 UTC  

Let's be honest with ourselves, it isn't just lefty men going after Asian women

2018-02-28 02:29:03 UTC  

Yeah I know.

2018-02-28 02:29:13 UTC  

That’s the part the low key worries me

2018-02-28 02:29:38 UTC  

White women are getting blacked and white men are falling for the fortune cookie

2018-02-28 02:29:52 UTC  

Low testosterone is becoming more of a thing; I had my T levels tested last week and I was low T. So I’m taking Estrogen Blockers; testosterone boosters; consuming no soy, and spending more time with the fellas, and only women ill have a prospective relationship with.

2018-02-28 02:30:23 UTC  

I was also raised by a single mother because my dad was an addict

2018-02-28 02:31:35 UTC  

its not quite like that. There is a social dynamic going on. In the schools, white men are a minority especially in texas. The white women act like niggers, and the only well behaved kids are the white boys and the asian kids. For reasons I don't know, there is an influx of asian girls, and so they naturally hang out together and empathisize as niggers and spic run the school. Naturally this leads to bonding

2018-02-28 02:32:49 UTC  

Whatever happened to wiggers?

2018-02-28 02:33:02 UTC  

They died out with the 90’s I guess lmao

2018-02-28 02:33:09 UTC  

Wiggers are the absolute worst.