Message from Hussar in Front And Center #general

2018-01-02 06:25:14 UTC  

I will try to get that to you within a week or so.

2018-01-02 06:43:18 UTC  

@Rocky Place Your videos are fantastic. Great job! Keep it up! PATRIOT FRONT HUUAH 😀

2018-01-02 06:43:38 UTC  

@Lisa Jo TX-WD Music is all the work of @FlintShrubwood

2018-01-02 06:45:05 UTC  

Oh I didn't know that!!! @FlintShrubwood Thank you for your awesome hard work as well! I watch the videos just for the music sometimes lol. Thank you!

2018-01-02 06:45:40 UTC  

These videos coming out are so good.

2018-01-02 06:46:16 UTC  

A BIG THANK YOU to all you men.

2018-01-02 06:46:42 UTC  

@Hussar , yeah, you make the best banners. I would just fuck you up probably if i tried helping. Probably trip, and sew the banner to my face or something lol.

2018-01-02 06:46:59 UTC  

But lets chat in a few minutes?

2018-01-02 06:47:05 UTC  
2018-01-02 06:47:30 UTC  

Shit man, I made one upside down at some point, lol. Yeah, gimme a few minutes to get out of the bath.

2018-01-02 06:48:25 UTC  

Real activists don't stop posting, even while taking baths.

2018-01-02 06:48:34 UTC  

Take notes, fellas.

2018-01-02 06:48:55 UTC  

I installed a Jacuzzi bath when I remodeled my bathroom so I'm sitting here, phone posting and drinking beer.

2018-01-02 06:49:17 UTC  

Good way to relax after a 10hr shift.

2018-01-02 06:49:59 UTC  

Remodel was months ago, before I joined, before you ask.

2018-01-02 06:53:01 UTC  

A gift for my parents for letting me live here rent free.

2018-01-02 06:53:53 UTC  

lucky I have to pay rent and fix the house

2018-01-02 06:54:54 UTC  

I just had to repair my teepee today.

2018-01-02 06:54:56 UTC  

Remodel =/= fix. Shit was intense.

2018-01-02 06:55:22 UTC  

Nothing to big. My tribes moving out though, we spotted some buffalo across the river. Wish us luck. Its cold as fuck.

2018-01-02 06:55:28 UTC  


2018-01-02 06:55:52 UTC  

A nice remodel with a Jacuzzi and stuff IS worth thousands, so I'm sure it evens out ;)

2018-01-02 06:55:54 UTC  

So cold, that I can jump in my freezer to warm up after an extended stay outside.

2018-01-02 06:56:27 UTC  

I'll put it this way I have to fix the previous owners remodel

2018-01-02 06:56:41 UTC

2018-01-02 06:56:49 UTC  

Quick photo

2018-01-02 06:57:05 UTC  

The tile was a bitch

2018-01-02 06:57:57 UTC  

I can't do tile worth a shit, you're a much more artistically inclined man than I

2018-01-02 06:58:23 UTC  

Perhaps hell make a great Adolf Hitler oneday.

2018-01-02 06:59:02 UTC  

There's only room here for one failed artist. Be careful.

2018-01-02 06:59:06 UTC  


2018-01-02 06:59:07 UTC  

Art/White supremacist= Hitler

2018-01-02 06:59:21 UTC  

Cage match

2018-01-02 06:59:31 UTC  

I'm a failed artist myself, just probably a lot more failing than you two.

2018-01-02 07:00:09 UTC  

I remember getting a bad grade for an esoteric text portrait of Marcus Aurelius once.

2018-01-02 07:00:24 UTC  

But whos trekking outside to howl at the moon?

2018-01-02 07:00:26 UTC  

I have a fine arts degree., get on my level of failure plebs

2018-01-02 07:00:38 UTC  

I had significant help, it isn't only my work.

2018-01-02 07:01:02 UTC  

I am more electrically, and plumbing inclined.

2018-01-02 07:01:04 UTC  

@Smiter-IL Hitting my heavy bag outside. Cold af boys.

2018-01-02 07:01:09 UTC  

I got a 100% and a ribbon for my rendition of "The Hungry Hungry Catipilar"