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2017-07-12 19:35:47 UTC  

@everyone If you have solid intel regarding specific antifa chapters who have publically stated they will be attending the rally to disrupt, please post that information here.

Above rule also applies to people supposedly on the right (ancaps, alt-light, oathcucks, etc.) who have stated they will be attending to either infiltrate our side, counter-signal, or show up to "fight us".

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AnCap "[REDACTED]" will be showing up to attack NatSocs. He seems to have friends in the PBs and is warning them he's only coming to attack those he disagrees with.

2017-07-12 19:39:03 UTC  

This is his FB

2017-07-12 19:42:03 UTC  

This was his cover photo on his FB not long ago.
He believes we all deserve to be shut down. Be on the lookout for him. He is violent.

He's also Army Infantry.

2017-07-12 20:39:15 UTC  

@lolyouwish @I'm Not Sam Hyde please don't message anyone.

2017-07-12 20:43:24 UTC  

@everyone This channel is meant to inform the security staff and attendees of possible threats at the rally and during downtime over the weekend. For easy reference for everyone, please no conversations in this channel. This channel also isn't meant to provide intel on potential disrupters for you to go send them harrassing or threatening FB messages, twitter DMs, etc.

Post intel if you have it. That's it.
Thank you.

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Nashville Anti Racist Action were recently featured on Final Straw Radio, and they publicly state themselves, as well and Nashville AFA, will be renting buses to travel to Cville to disrupt.

2017-07-12 22:16:25 UTC  

I've been face-to-face with Nashville Antifa. They're pretty pathetic.

2017-07-12 22:16:42 UTC  

I have photos/video of them up close and in action. LMK if they would be useful.

2017-07-12 22:17:39 UTC  

If you have photos identifying them, feel free to post them here. Knowing faces is always helpful. Thank you!

2017-07-12 22:17:59 UTC  

Sure, will continue discussion in DM

2017-07-12 22:41:01 UTC  

Look at the first comment on this Antifa post. Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy is working with Antifa just like Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin was

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@MadDimension whats this guys name again? [REDACTED]?

2017-07-12 22:55:43 UTC  

antifa douche

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the goat lady

2017-07-12 22:57:01 UTC

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local merchants

2017-07-12 22:57:19 UTC  

these were all taken at Charlottesville 1

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I wonder where these people get the money to rent buses.

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Oh I have lots of pictures......

2017-07-13 01:57:44 UTC  

Of course Wes Bellamy- and everyone on this picture....

2017-07-13 01:58:23 UTC

2017-07-13 01:58:54 UTC  

[REDACTED] on the left and [REDACTED] on the right.

2017-07-13 02:00:28 UTC  

[REDACTED] is the famous screamer if you've ever seen our local videos or were at 1.0 she goes by [REDACTED] on Facebook.

2017-07-13 02:00:41 UTC

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[REDACTED]aka [REDACTED]- she's always around. She was also arrested at the KKK rally this past weekend.

2017-07-13 02:04:26 UTC  

Were mugshots taken of the ppl arrested last weekend?

2017-07-13 02:04:30 UTC

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lol same person ^^^^

2017-07-13 02:04:47 UTC