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2017-08-06 04:52:45 UTC  

I'm considering passing around a version with "Harlech" changed to "Europe" and "Welshmen" to "White Men", what do y'all think? 🤔

2017-08-06 04:52:51 UTC  

Or should I preserve the original?

2017-08-06 05:12:56 UTC  

Can you link me to the lyrics

2017-08-06 05:12:58 UTC  

or paste them here

2017-08-06 05:13:00 UTC  

and I like that idea

2017-08-06 05:13:03 UTC  

Of changing it to europe and white men

2017-08-06 05:13:41 UTC  

Is this it?

2017-08-06 05:20:49 UTC  

This is the version I was thinking of

2017-08-06 05:25:01 UTC  

I dig it. Someone needs to copy a full version of the lyrics that people can memorize by reading all at once

2017-08-06 05:27:47 UTC  

You got it m8

2017-08-06 05:31:22 UTC  

*Men of Europe stop your dreaming
Can't you see their spear points gleaming
See their warrior pennants streaming
To this battlefield

Men of Europe stand ye steady
It cannot be ever said ye
For this battle were not ready
White Men never yield

From the hills rebounding
Let this war cry sounding
Summon all at Dixie's call
The mighty force surrounding

Men of Europe onto glory
This will ever be your story
Keep these burning words before ye
White Men will not yield*

2017-08-06 05:32:30 UTC  

Sweet. And you just repeat?

2017-08-06 05:32:46 UTC  


2017-08-06 05:32:58 UTC  

someone should pin that

2017-08-06 05:33:00 UTC  

Get a mod to approve

2017-08-06 05:33:24 UTC  

Also cambria is another name for wales

2017-08-06 05:33:28 UTC  

So just replace it with europe

2017-08-06 10:11:32 UTC  

This. All of this.
Man, I love it that everyone is so on the same page. I was thinking last week that this would be awesome. I was thinking about this song, though:

2017-08-06 10:12:38 UTC  

Would we be able to have the same pattern with a lead and then a backing chorus if antifa was shouting us down, though?

2017-08-06 10:28:29 UTC  

This one too, though it's got the same problem Erika has:

2017-08-06 12:27:00 UTC  


That second clip is proof of Anglin's Law (every anti-Trump/Hitler meme becomes a pro-Trump/Hitler meme) from before we were born!

That song was written by the two Jews who created "Cabaret", with the goal of terrifying the viewer. Lol

2017-08-06 16:17:50 UTC  

I saw Cabaret back whe I was a kid. Never liked it. The song is pretty good though.

2017-08-06 18:53:17 UTC  

Cabaret is a great red pilling movie if framed correctly.

It's basically the story of degenerates who lose everything because of the rise of the nazis. We are suppose to feel sorry for them... of coouurrrse but if we see the main characters for the degenerates they are you find yourself rooting for the NSDAP

2017-08-06 18:53:44 UTC  

And this is the most Jewish song ever

2017-08-06 19:00:11 UTC  

Now compare that "good guys" song to this "bad guys" song

2017-08-08 00:48:34 UTC  

@Hand Banana The Left got this protesting thing down like a science.

2017-08-08 02:00:18 UTC  

I still call for the rebel yell

2017-08-08 02:23:21 UTC  

sounds like a pack of hyenas

2017-08-08 02:23:31 UTC  

or monkeys 😄

2017-08-08 03:32:50 UTC  
2017-08-08 05:45:11 UTC  

Priorities for everyone: Learn how to do the Rebel Yell, learn to sing Dixie, and learn to sing Men of Europe (

2017-08-08 05:47:50 UTC  

proposing a slight change

2017-08-08 05:48:24 UTC  

Men of Europe stop your dreaming Can't you see their numbers teeming
See their red and black flags streaming
To this battlefield

2017-08-08 05:49:30 UTC  

@TiborSzalasi-MI I like it but don't want to alter the original too much or it will become hard to remember

2017-08-08 13:00:05 UTC  
2017-08-08 20:50:07 UTC  

REMINDER: please learn the Rebel Yell (, learn to sing Dixie (, and learn to sing Men of Europe (