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2017-08-02 23:31:19 UTC  

Join a faction, brah

2017-08-03 17:06:50 UTC  

According to the almanac, there is a 33% chance of rain on any given August 12th in Charlottesville. Wunderground is calling for a 58% chance on August 12th., However, Wunderground always exaggerates the chance of rain. It is just their thing. They always call for rain. That being said, the satellite images suggest that there will most likely be some rainy days in Charlottesville next week. It might be over by August 12th.

2017-08-03 18:24:01 UTC  

Midatlantic in summer is the same everyday. 85-90 and dinner time thunderstorms

2017-08-03 18:53:34 UTC  

The forecast is calling for mid-80s all next week, which was a relief. Sick of the high 90s

2017-08-03 19:18:01 UTC  

Please let it be black pants/black shirt weather

2017-08-03 20:23:42 UTC  

Clear faceguards on a helmet are a no go in VA right?

2017-08-03 20:39:42 UTC  

Last I heard, they were allowed. Is that still the case @Heinz - MI ?

2017-08-03 21:07:28 UTC  

Shield design idea

2017-08-03 23:59:32 UTC  


2017-08-04 00:00:05 UTC  

I may not get my custom 'Make America White Again' hat in time for the rally.

2017-08-04 00:00:32 UTC  

Preemptive sad reacts are welcome.

2017-08-04 00:18:22 UTC  

Any one know where I can get a shirt like this or what it is called so I can look for one

2017-08-04 00:18:28 UTC

2017-08-04 00:20:19 UTC  

thats from oswald mosely's outfit isnt it?

2017-08-04 00:21:43 UTC  

Yeah it so a black shirts uniform in the photo

2017-08-04 00:22:19 UTC  

That is what they call a priest collar on that shirt

2017-08-04 00:22:40 UTC  

I@Kurt I am so happy I'm in a place where people know what I'm taking about 😊

2017-08-04 00:23:16 UTC  

I'm making up a uniform for a project I'm working on

2017-08-04 00:25:11 UTC  

@greg-ky Doesn't a press collar have the fold over to hold the white thing thew this doesn't have that

2017-08-04 00:32:59 UTC  

I used to have a couple back in the eighties and that's what they called them. They're also known as a banded Mandarin and some manufacturers call them a grandad collar. Patrice collar does have the small fold over, I think they were called that just because of the similar appearance

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2017-08-04 00:34:35 UTC  

Yeah it may be a little LARPIe but I like the old black shirt look and am trying to get a uniform together

2017-08-04 00:44:29 UTC  

The shirt in the photo is an original and they what $5k for it 😕

2017-08-04 02:14:52 UTC  

Black as a rule is a bad color imo.

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2017-08-04 08:34:43 UTC  

black is a good color...for clothes

2017-08-04 11:09:00 UTC  

How is black a bad color ?

2017-08-04 11:09:08 UTC  

For cloning

2017-08-04 11:09:29 UTC  

It's a very traditional color for the movement

2017-08-04 11:09:50 UTC  
2017-08-04 11:36:34 UTC  

what i said is a dylann roof reference

2017-08-05 00:10:57 UTC  

Ancient defensive position suitable against BLM/Antifa hordes

2017-08-05 01:52:44 UTC  

Phalanx got btfo'd by Roman open order formations

2017-08-05 02:01:21 UTC  

@Stannisthemannis Because the Romans used projectiles to break up phalanx

2017-08-05 02:02:38 UTC  

Will our shield wall be similar to this Testudo?

2017-08-05 02:03:18 UTC  


2017-08-05 02:03:27 UTC  



And used a checkerboard formation to break the enemy line

2017-08-05 02:03:49 UTC  

Because people are bringing all kinds of different shields, will be more of a medieval formation with different shields in different ranks

2017-08-05 02:04:11 UTC  

Ah ok