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It is illegal to conceal carry a dirk, bowie knife, switchblade, machete, ballistic knife, darts, or any knife of a like kind. It is legal to open carry any type of knife. KEEP IN MIND: You should be perusing self defense tactics without weapons. Be strong without the use of weapons.

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No it.

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Only word of advice I have for yals is DO NOT GET ARRESTED IN VA. There are some shitty states to get arrested in VA is one of them. They will nail you to the wall any chance they get and many counties have over a 99% conviction rate.

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So I can't bring my katana/trench-coat/fedora outfit

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Jeez why even go

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Surprised antifa is even gonna be there with the no masks rule

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They don't dare show their face up here

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@Johnny O'Malley @MadDimension
The question is, will Charlottesville PD enforce the no mask law again Antifa?

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If not I become the Charlottesville PD

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@Aaron - VA It's hard to say when the city council is comprised of BLM and Antifa activist.

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If it happens that'd be a serious legal issue they would be going against. It won't happen.

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Unless they want to go to court

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I'm just not putting much faith in the city leadership for obvious reasons.

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Let them come with masks and it be okay with the PD .So we can fund millions to our movement

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It is legal to conceal carry a handgun (with proper permit) at the event location. It is also legal to open carry without a permit. HOWEVER, for anyone who plans to drink at a bar afterward, I would advise not carrying a firearm (with or without a permit).

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@Hand Banana Indeed.

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Does a glove box not count?

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Or a truck's toolbox?

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Would aviators and black baseball cap violate mask laws?

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Nope, you're good ­čĹî­čĆ╗

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VA statute indicates a "sealed container" within a vehicle for lawful concealment. According to one state lawmaker I've conversed with (when the statute was being updated in 2010), a plastic ziploc bag qualifies as a sealed container. <:richard:321796916218167301>

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you can conceal a handgun in your glovebox yes. I do it every day.

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With out permitting that is

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Check the links I posted near the top.

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According to VA ┬ž 18.2-422, helmets are ok. Perhaps even gladiator-type ones, as long as they don't cover significant portions of the face.

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