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Now that's a nice picture!

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Sometimes I feel we're living in a parody world

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Here's a video of what occurred during the liberal demonstration the day after the Alt-Right rally on 5/13/17. This may give you an idea of what kind of people we can expect, althought his event will be on another level.

15:07 Wes Bellamy using bullhorn for a length of time. Other SURJ activists use bullhorns for extended lengths of time
34:00 One of the many times the crowd grabs my friends camera and assaults him in an effort to obstruct the press
48:00 I arrive. Clearly just looking for my friend to make sure he is okay.
49:00 I tear down the Black Lives Matter sign they'd draped on the Robert E Lee Statue
53:07 One of the many times my friend, who is livestreaming the event, is attacked. Rioters pull his camera away.
54:30 I use my megaphone to communicate with my friend and make sure he got his phone back. This is important because the arresting officer said I was using my megaphone "to get in peoples face". I was just using it to communicate with my friend.
56:30 I'm trying to leave the park when I'm entrapped by the Antifa. When I try to duck and and escape they squeeze in so that I have to push them off to get out

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Here is the Antifa lawyer who assaulted a local activist when he was trying to have dinner with friends. This guy is running to be essentially the District Attorney of Charlottesville

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My bad.

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No worries.

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WaPo says kkk is coming to Charlottesville, uses our picture. Subtext under picture didn't differentiate between us and kkk. Is this not slander?

2017-06-08 03:39:54 UTC  

It is. Apparently some local klan chapter is doing something there in July

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So it's a half truth- the Jew's favorite kind

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The "Klan" rally is by an FBI informant named Chris Barker

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Probably paid by the liberals

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Ignore it

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Wow, I didn't realize the Klan was actually showing up. Just read the headline and thought they were calling us KKK

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How is the Klan even a thing anymore?

2017-06-08 06:08:44 UTC  

2 idiots and 100 FBI agents