Message from Gustavschwer-OH in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-15 01:13:23 UTC  

Understood @Tyrone

2017-07-15 01:13:40 UTC  


2017-07-15 01:13:58 UTC  

All the members of the HoobZone are given access

2017-07-15 01:14:27 UTC  

@JohnnyMonoxide You have to show knees to get in tho

2017-07-15 01:14:49 UTC  

Well of course.

2017-07-15 01:15:53 UTC  

Unless your identifying as a woman, Johnny. Then, I'm told, you can show up in a respectable burka.

2017-07-15 01:19:17 UTC  

nope women are not allowed says certain groups.

2017-07-15 01:19:27 UTC  

Even if your name is Johnny.

2017-07-15 01:20:54 UTC  


2017-07-15 01:20:59 UTC  

The afterparty you mong

2017-07-15 01:21:18 UTC  

@Athena Marie women are not excluded from the knee examination

2017-07-15 01:21:44 UTC  

I would never to presume that men would want women at a party.

2017-07-15 01:22:32 UTC  

I think confessor will be there and def not safe for you guys.

2017-07-15 01:26:53 UTC  

There will be an after party after the after party. All our welcome but only admitted with a swastika tattoo , and a copy of your 23andme/Ancestry results.

2017-07-15 01:26:55 UTC  

@Hand Banana will there be tacos?

2017-07-15 01:27:17 UTC  

Swastika brand*

2017-07-15 01:27:49 UTC  

That will be given out during actually

2017-07-15 01:28:06 UTC  

I'm still not comfortable with this knee checking. Could we settle for ankles?

2017-07-15 01:28:15 UTC  


2017-07-15 01:29:01 UTC  

We've all done it

2017-07-15 01:29:07 UTC  

It's a rite of passage

2017-07-15 01:29:23 UTC  

@Aaron - VA Is it ok if I only have the VA logo on my forehead? or do I need the matching back

2017-07-15 01:29:33 UTC  


2017-07-15 01:29:54 UTC  

Swastikas only sir

2017-07-15 01:30:38 UTC  

brb tribal then

2017-07-15 01:33:04 UTC  

Knees are a time-honored tradition of admission to our most secret and guarded grooming chambers

2017-07-15 01:35:13 UTC  


2017-07-15 01:35:40 UTC  

@Hand Banana the Boer farmers have a joke "if I get cold, I'll put on TWO pairs of shorts" 👌🏻

2017-07-15 01:36:18 UTC  

@Aaron - VA where do I get branded/tattooed? I have ancestry dna if that's acceptable

2017-07-15 01:52:56 UTC  

TARR beer pong pls

2017-07-15 01:56:45 UTC  

Beyoncé is kool aide

2017-07-15 01:56:53 UTC  

Just in: @Ayla compared beyonce to kool aid. Now black twitter wants her dead

2017-07-15 01:57:40 UTC  

I think we should appropriate kool aid and make it the official drink of the alt right

2017-07-15 01:58:33 UTC  

I mean... they're both fake substitutes for actual quality so she's not wrong

2017-07-15 01:58:58 UTC  

Yes!! That was my point! You get it!

2017-07-15 01:58:59 UTC  

Black twitter doesn't even know how to navigate to cville you're fine.

2017-07-15 01:59:34 UTC  

There's a reason no nigger ever set sail(unless we made them) or learned to navigate via celestial bodies

2017-07-15 01:59:52 UTC  

But gps? 😂

2017-07-15 02:00:25 UTC  

Don't lie @Americana - MD you KNOW those two nigres mathematicians put our men on the moon!!!

2017-07-15 02:00:45 UTC  


2017-07-15 02:01:13 UTC  

I love our folk