Message from Blue Lady TX~WD in Southern Front #general

2017-08-12 17:04:45 UTC  

Lol these niggers are like "MELANIN MOTHA FUCKA"

2017-08-12 17:04:51 UTC  


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2017-08-12 17:06:28 UTC  

And leave it to Paul Ryan and the GOP to be complete fucking neocuckservatives.

2017-08-12 17:10:28 UTC  

We got MRAPs rolling in

2017-08-12 17:12:03 UTC  

which stream?

2017-08-12 17:12:06 UTC  


2017-08-12 17:15:39 UTC  

On the millennial Matt/baked Alaska stream they dropped massive redpills on infowars reporters

2017-08-12 17:18:05 UTC  

The media is flaying and blaming everything on the "Alt right white supremacists", "Antifa were peaceful until white supremacists did X" "they are holding onto the past, to be racists." "They are inciting violence and should be shut down." Absolute bullshit. The chimps in my FB are going berserk "They should kill these racist whites" "white people don't belong in C-ville" "whypipeo are so selfish." (Yes she said whypipeo)

2017-08-12 17:18:49 UTC  

I just took every quote take some accuracy, directly from the medias reports. Absolutely bullshit.

2017-08-12 17:20:08 UTC  

Ruptly Feed just crashed

2017-08-12 17:20:12 UTC  


2017-08-12 17:20:33 UTC  

What happened?

2017-08-12 17:20:39 UTC  

Rally was canceled?

2017-08-12 17:20:46 UTC  

Anyone have Cody's status?

2017-08-12 17:20:57 UTC  

Cody from here?

2017-08-12 17:21:00 UTC  


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2017-08-12 17:21:15 UTC  

What's going on?

2017-08-12 17:21:25 UTC  

They are trying to regroup and GTFO

2017-08-12 17:21:38 UTC  


2017-08-12 17:21:41 UTC  

has a stream I think

2017-08-12 17:21:43 UTC  

on his twitter

2017-08-12 17:21:50 UTC  

So it was cancelled.

2017-08-12 17:21:53 UTC  

No speeches?

2017-08-12 17:21:56 UTC  

Shut down

2017-08-12 17:22:00 UTC  

No speeches

2017-08-12 17:22:22 UTC  

They are going to a different park

2017-08-12 17:22:36 UTC  

Or something, on the baked stream they've been walking for long time

2017-08-12 17:23:00 UTC  

Think they got there and now there just not staying still

2017-08-12 17:23:23 UTC  

We have to leave City limits now

2017-08-12 17:23:23 UTC  

Everyone is just trying to not get arrested at this point

2017-08-12 17:23:34 UTC  

And not be pinned down

2017-08-12 17:23:39 UTC  

@Some Guy you there?

2017-08-12 17:23:50 UTC  

Let's come back tonight and run a *code red* style demonstration

2017-08-12 17:24:07 UTC  

Yes, I'm currently leaving and heading to my hotel

2017-08-12 17:24:15 UTC  

Alright good luck

2017-08-12 17:24:19 UTC  

Stay safe

2017-08-12 17:24:24 UTC  

richard is just following a very large police line

2017-08-12 17:24:24 UTC  

The most important thing for our goys is to stay safe.