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#TheFallenState Slutwalk- watch it!

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@LOCK YOUR DOOR I heard you were at service today.

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@PastPresentFuture I was. It was amazin!

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OC ^

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hahahaha! nice!

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Nice juxtapose

2018-08-08 00:34:28 UTC  

What do you use to get such a clean cut out of Jesse’s head??

2018-08-08 00:34:33 UTC  
2018-08-08 00:36:05 UTC  

normally just make memes inside one of my video editors HitFilm4

2018-08-08 00:36:26 UTC  

Hmm I need to check that out then..

2018-08-08 00:36:27 UTC  

inside the composite shot function... there's a couple of cutting/masking tools

2018-08-08 00:36:46 UTC  

My cuts always come out chopped and screwed

2018-08-08 00:36:49 UTC  

HitFilm4 Express is free if u dont wanna jump indo Adobe products

2018-08-08 00:37:06 UTC  

they sell you new effects

2018-08-08 00:37:08 UTC  

So I just use shape cropping and then DANK it out for the maximum lols

2018-08-08 00:37:13 UTC  

but the whole thing is free

2018-08-08 00:37:27 UTC  

I’m gonna grab that jank

2018-08-08 00:38:05 UTC  

coool... give it a go... video editors are intimidating at first, but once you get a hang of one, learning others comes quicker

2018-08-08 00:38:45 UTC  

but lets be honest, memes are about the substance! not the fancy graphics!

2018-08-08 00:38:53 UTC  

Jesse doing all the work already

2018-08-08 01:31:11 UTC  

This true brother

2018-08-09 04:09:23 UTC

2018-08-09 04:10:20 UTC  

@PastPresentFuture and anyone other Jesse fan meme maker! If it helps, I cut this one out and saved it as a .png file. If you save it/ open it as a png it will have no background and you can stick it on anything lol. Please don’t post this png unedited anywhere because I don’t want it used for evil! Only pro-Jesse usage!! (It’s not the best cut but it works).

2018-08-09 04:17:27 UTC  

Oh wait, can you save pics from Discord?

2018-08-09 04:22:48 UTC  

Update: Nope. If you hit “save content” it saves as a jpg or something and adds a white background. If you want it I can host it somewhere - lmk!

2018-08-09 04:26:54 UTC  

Update again: YUP. (I do everything on my iPhone so it may work just fine for you)
But here’s how you can save it from the app with no background- Tap the pic, when it opens select “open in browser”. From there, save the image and it keeps it background free.

2018-08-09 05:17:13 UTC  

@LOCK YOUR DOOR a god send <:GWpinkuKittyHeheh:392308492624723973>

2018-08-09 11:18:20 UTC  

Nice! Good looking out @LOCK YOUR DOOR

2018-08-09 14:31:58 UTC