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good idea, A lot of folks like to listen to books while they drive/workout

I can’t tell you. I asked the question to hear from everyone, not for everyone to hear from me.

The only reason I haven’t answered is because I don’t want people to piggy back on my answer. The question is simple. What is a man? Don’t be shy

🤷‍♂️ Confused, scared, unsure, self-conscious who knows. No one is going to get ridiculed or criticized for their answer.

Nice, csquare you took the words out of my mouth lol. I’ll add that men that love what is right have that natural integrity to guide them. That force that we call god/godliness.

Another snippet: a man has no problem recognizing the higher power that influences them. Naturally a man loves god.

Jordan Peterson is a interesting guy. I’ve read his books, very good stuff.

When I took my first IQ test I looked him up to see what his degrees of intelligence lecture meant

@csquare I don’t have any kids, once I marry my girlfriend we plan on popping them out like popcorn though. I found Jesse through his fallen state interview with the two black lives matter people. At first I thought he was just a funny guy that trolled the left but i analyzed his message and I can resonate with it. The thing I respect the most about Jesse is that e teaches and preaches for folks to focus on themselves; to know yourself to overcome your struggles and let go of anger via forgiveness.

@4rthur i wouldn’t be able to show you or explain it so... 😬

@Anomie no, it’s a natural thing. It happens at a level that you aren’t aware of but is realized later on. And that’s according to me, not Jesse.

I don’t believe in the indoctrination of religion or forcing it upon people

People can’t be brought to god they have to come to him.

Most churches and religious organizations mess their congregation up by trying to “lead a horse to water who doesn’t want to drink.”

If they don’t then they will live missing that link and wholeness in their life. It’s a different experience with each person I’d say. And if people don’t want to come to god and are comfortable where they are, that’s fine too.

No, they can pretend to be a man but the holes and their hunger for wholeness is still there. That doesn’t mean I think less of a person for it, I know they’re doing the best they can. If they want help and I can help them then great. I’ll show them love regardless.

You must have not seen where I mentioned earlier that I don’t agree with how mainstream religions and religious organizations try to force their ideology on people. I said that it messes people up. I don’t just say these things randomly, this is all based on my experiences and struggles with religion, churches, god, etc. I remember how I was, I can see myself in other people as well, I know that a lot of young men like me hated the idea of religion and god and tried to oppose it and debate it at any chance I could. The best way that I can help people is how I helped myself. If you think I am the Bible thumping type you’re mistaken, I don’t even read the Bible.

A man doesn’t seek out help to be a man. So why would I expect them to be a man? I made a comment earlier that a man accepts god at a spiritual level that most of us are unaware of happening* (at least for me, I wasn’t aware until after waking up that I had that connection to god) what I’m saying here is that I won’t even have to drill someone on accepting god in this manner, it will happen naturally.

I like to have them to make folks think and reflect

If you are a male and have anger you are a beta.

And yes like csquare said. Boys are boys, men are men, girls are girls and women are women.

No one is saying you aren’t allowed to be angry. Be angry if you want to be lol. I don’t see the point of anger or any benefit from being angry. I have lost the desire to be in that state.

I say that men who have anger are beta because it’s the truth. It’s just a funny way to phrase it.

In reality anyone to carries or holds onto anger is living under that illusion. If they’re comfortable with that so be it, but it will erode and cause problems down the line. I know that from experience.

Having anger and not having anger is black and white, no grey area; from my experience in the situation that requires a quick response and would “normally” provoke anger or rage it came down to discerning reality. It’s very complex to put into words but in the heat of the moment I stay calm and in control, i let emotions go through me without holding onto it, the devil (the deceiver, the negative energy/chi/darkness/the lie/ etc.) tries to fill me with doubt or persuade me to ignore reality and associate and link memories, feelings, pride, whatever to convince me that the lie is reality. If I buy into that lie I would garner anger and it will lead me to ruin. If I doubt the doubt I can see reality clearly, I can understand the situation and the pressure/need for anger disappears. Even in the event that I need to defend myself physically I can act without anger.

Women aren’t inherently evil, but are used by evil to pull others away from good. Like men, most women are unaware of what they do.

Good women are influenced by good men and are able to function perfectly

Bad women are or were influenced by bad and weak men. Women hate and resent a weak man and that destroys a woman... And the poison spreads.

It is possible to see the anger coming and cast it away. In time the initial feeling of anger won’t even exist. You will have peace

Maybe it’s the fear of being misunderstood and the other party spiraling into anger and attacking you? (Not just physical attacks)

Fear is another form of anger. Essentially fear is born from resentment or anger from the past.

Fear is of the same nature of anger* the deceiver wants to put any emotion he can inside you to steer you into destruction

Strength to me is conquering fear and overcoming anger. Being in control of yourself and knowing yourself

Well I wouldn’t say that’s fear necessarily csquare

Jesse says there’s a time for everything and he’s right

You are right that you get paid to design not debate, and it’s the right thing to do so you can provide for you and the family

That’s cool that y’all are graphic designers. It seems like tough work. Especially with clients and customers being so particular

The community I live in is heavily conservative but it’s pretty liberal down here...

@Ermias is part of Jesse’s studio team maybe y’all could figure something out

When they were taking down the confederate monuments there was an uproar of libs going crazy..

nope, Jesse and team were in spokane washington for the red pill expo

Jesse was a speaker apparently, I'm excited to see how it turned out

I can't wait for Jesse to have a mob of protesters to troll

likewise anomie, have a good evening. Cheers m8

The book is titled How to win friends and influence people

Im in chapter 5 right now and so far the best way I can summarize this book is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you

no not yet jay is that another one of dale's books?

I have a friend @kernalkrackerz who is versed in reddit, maybe he could set something up if he likes. I don't have much experience with it

george soros is behind a lot of things apparently

the most intense rabbit hole experience I've had was when I first started looking into the illuminati and secret societies, conspiracy theories, bohemian grove, etc when I was 14

kickin back and playing some tunes on ye ole guitarr

he's got a good book on money and money managment

Dave ramsey would be a good guest to have on the show

dave has a few books on how to build wealth and manage money

Can we get a Line of Christmas Sweaters this year from Jesse/BOND?
I would buy all of each design to troll my liberal friends and families at christmas parties.

yes, like jesse has his jessism and things like BLACK LEZZ BEE YON

good call today bro I like how perceptive you are.

hopefully it is, I'm trying to get Jesse's name out there

Jesse: Are you an idiot?
Church Memeber: No...
Jess: You will be an idiot.


glad you're enjoying man, I want to hear what everyone thinks of today's service once we finish up.

thats good man, my mother died when I was in 2nd grade and the dynamic of my family was tough from then on, Luckily my father did his best to raise me and my siblings. I'm thankful for all the problems I've had along the way, without all the struggle and turmoil I wouldn't be where I am today.

Likewise, my father was the only man to not join th emilitary in his family, the rest of his brothers served in ww2 and korea

my granfather served in WW1 and WW2 I've got his discharge papers,bullets, and medals framed and on display in my living room.

Wow church was amazing today, I’m glad I came across Jesse and team. This is truly the first church I’ve been too that doesn’t fling BS and placebo bandaids out to the congregation. This is about fixing yourself and overcoming, This is real.

@church viewers what was your opinion on the service today

I usually re watch a few times so I can catch anything I missed

Jesse has people watching from all over the world! I really like hearing the callers from outside the country. It’s very cool and telling how they are aware of what’s happening in America and the rest of the world. Glad there’s good folks around the globe. AMAZIIIN

yea whoever put the intro together did a great job. I also like the narration througout the video. would be nicer if it was Jesse doing the narration, and a little nicer if we got some more SAVAGE jesse moments.

I'm sure Jesse didn't want to get mobbed by a bunch of homosexual soyboys though...

yea, its disturbing to see little children at that kind of setting... smh...

It’s heavy... the deceiver wants us to feel guilt, regret, sorrow for our past actions. Our Heavenly Father wants us to reflect, know where we were wrong and “go forth and sin no more”. The notion of repentance doesn’t include sulking and being stuck in the past, or worrying of the future. Be thankful for all that you have been brought through and know there are great things ahead but never come unglued from the present... Living in the present simply means being out of your thoughts and into your conscious, being aware and focused.. That’s the last thing the devil wants you to do.

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AMAZIN Thank you so much!
It's an honor to be able to help ya'll help others.

yes great show, I loved that conversatiuon. Interesting from start to finish.

Home invaders caught hiding inside bushes, open fire on home owners car. This is why we need law abiding citizens armed and ready to defend theirselves. These thugs think they can get away with this kind nonsense.

@Truth I have a similar opinion, vegans are based on emotional appeal to not hurting living organisms. But if you eat vegetables you are “hurting” that organism.

I pretty much eat all of that except Greek yogurt, coffee, cherries, Gogi berries, and avocados

I eat a lot of chicken. My diet mostly protein with healthy carbs such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach. I’m bodybuilding right now so I’m sticking to a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting applied as well. Sometimes I will water fast for 3+ days.

BRAGGS Apple cider vinegar too. I take 3 tablespoons in a shot glass every night before bed, fasting or not. That stuff will put hair on your chest.

@kernalkrackerz is a personal trainer and @ImTheRealPatrick is a renowned fitness expert and trainer. I’m very interested in their approach on health and fitness

I don’t know about the benefits of raw honey. I stay away from it because of the carbohydrates

@everyone Folks, we’ve updated a few things here. <#458005841123999745> & <#458314353360240672> are now NSFW, please post your spicier memes there. A new text channel has been made, bring your doctrines and philosophy to <#467164315598979072> There is now a meme channel dedicated to Jesse Lee Peterson memes only, we will have a prize for the best meme (deadline and prize info TBA) also <#457991783733788673> is only for answers bring arguments,questions, or debates to <#467164315598979072> or <#457991466174906368>. Thanks everyone for being part of this community! God bless ✝️

Folks, this thread is intended to let everyone partake in a conversation. I predict it will be mostly religious views and philosophy but not limited to just that. If you have something to bring to the table put it down. If you are a hypocrite it will become self evident.

@Sar the deceiver uses the mind to put you under the illusion of his lie. And that lie is intellect, knowledge, and judgment. Playing god is the original sin, and going to others as a godly figure of your intellect is of that same nature.

I’m not calling anyone out in that previous message just clarifying for y’all.

I don’t know sar I’ve never read the Bible and took the time to check that.

It seems like your point of argument is based in your pride in your intellect of the Bible.

I have read parts of the Bible, never completed it though

@everyone The Hake Report is LIVE THIS SUNDAY 9am Pacific time. Call in 1 888 775 3773 and Talk to the @Hake himself, Church is Live one hour after the show. Don’t miss it!

Welfare system is a trap for weak willed and down trodden folks

Yes indeed the @Hake report is getting better every week!

@noobpocket " I think I would know a little bit of ethics and morality, but I can't be sure."

If you know that you don't know, then do you know that you don't know.

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