Message from Vice Commander Hunt in Southern Front #general

2017-06-13 03:44:09 UTC  

how big a boy are ya?

2017-06-13 03:45:37 UTC  

Yeah, Fox. That's my job.

2017-06-13 03:45:40 UTC  


2017-06-13 03:45:44 UTC  

Tedium, get your ass to Austin.

2017-06-13 03:45:46 UTC  

We just Banting

2017-06-13 03:46:02 UTC  

Let's meet

2017-06-13 03:49:03 UTC  

Damn, I got told

2017-06-13 03:49:44 UTC  


2017-06-13 03:49:57 UTC  

I forgot all about that quote!

2017-06-13 04:22:25 UTC

2017-06-13 04:23:44 UTC  

Doxxing an old lady

2017-06-13 04:30:42 UTC  


2017-06-13 04:31:40 UTC  

We're just doxxing old folks. What are you up to?

2017-06-13 04:32:15 UTC  

When do I get to vet people. I'm told I have a natural tendency to make people uncomfortable.

2017-06-13 04:32:37 UTC  

Something about my intense, never blinking gaze.

2017-06-13 04:33:05 UTC  

They won't be able to see that on Discord though, so I'll have to verbally tell them how long it's been.

2017-06-13 04:33:05 UTC  


2017-06-13 04:38:15 UTC  

@TXStormer email them anyway

2017-06-13 04:38:57 UTC  

It doesn't matter if he's one of them. If he's percieved to be one of them and it's causing them to lose funding and support, it puts them between a rock and a hard place

2017-06-13 04:39:19 UTC  

Either double down or disavow

2017-06-13 04:39:34 UTC  

Make them release a statement instead of just being douche bags

2017-06-13 04:39:48 UTC  

If we keep pushing, disavow is the path of least resistance

2017-06-13 04:55:38 UTC  

I may not be able to see the whole picture, but it sure seems like a lot of people are coming out against them.

2017-06-13 04:56:01 UTC  

Got David Duke and Hunter Wallace talking about it.

2017-06-13 04:57:02 UTC  

they were already our guys though

2017-06-13 05:09:59 UTC  

If any of y'all live in/near northeast Louisiana and wanna meet and go shooting or riding four wheelers or hog hunting, I have a hunting lease we can utilize for whatever. It'd be nice to hang out with some of /our guys/ for a change.

2017-06-13 05:11:10 UTC  

I've been trying to kill some hogs all year. I've only gone at night and the cloud cover has yet to go my way. I think I'm gonna stick with day hunting from here on out.

2017-06-13 05:12:31 UTC  

I live close to north west

2017-06-13 05:12:39 UTC  

These bastards RUIN deer hunting

2017-06-13 05:12:46 UTC  


2017-06-13 05:12:58 UTC  

Get a hog trap

2017-06-13 05:14:39 UTC  

I've gotten two with traps, but it teaches all the other hogs present every time they see that. So my traps don't work for me anymore and those awesome multi hog traps are too expensive.

2017-06-13 05:15:08 UTC  

Hogs are fucking crazy

2017-06-13 05:15:14 UTC  

I want a boar tattoo

2017-06-13 05:15:23 UTC  

My dad got me an AR for my bday so I'm ready to take it hog hunting lol

2017-06-13 05:15:26 UTC  

It would be like my "Infidel" tattoo

2017-06-13 05:16:04 UTC  


2017-06-13 05:16:14 UTC  

@GarlicToasties you put wet corn out

2017-06-13 05:16:26 UTC  

Or moldy feed

2017-06-13 05:16:30 UTC  

can you stop talking about crops for like two minutes?