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@Fox Tx Hell yeah! Yeeyee

2017-05-22 01:46:13 UTC  

Anti com guy was testing his skills and showed me some stuff

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2017-05-22 01:47:33 UTC  

I like it

2017-05-22 01:48:15 UTC  

I wish the guy join us but he doesn't want to

2017-05-22 04:23:45 UTC  

I could do better tbh

2017-05-22 04:24:35 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan i know . I just thought you could make it better

2017-05-22 04:24:54 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan then do better

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I like it

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That's not so bad

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Muskets for the Civil War, crossed like the Confed Flag, cotton for obviousness, and the big lone star for Texas

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Cotton for obvi

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Texas is number one cotton producing state Kek

2017-05-23 02:38:00 UTC  

Probably niggers don't even know what cotton looks like anymore. We need to put a little legend at the bottom that breaks it down

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Why the cotton?

2017-05-23 02:42:00 UTC  

(I'm joking don't lynch me)

2017-05-23 02:42:22 UTC  

It is a historically important crop

2017-05-23 02:43:58 UTC  

I wish I was in the land of cotton

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me rn

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@kolovrat fat ass

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So, I just heard about the bombing. They're targeting our kids with rape and bombings now. That's our future generations. 😡

2017-05-23 13:34:01 UTC  

How do you guys feel about Daily Stormer after the White Sharia murders? I've seen a massive turning away on the other discords I'm on. That link made me wonder about here.

2017-05-23 13:41:27 UTC  

Yeah it's complicated, there is so much going on there @Riefen

2017-05-23 13:45:58 UTC  

All terrorism is anti white acts of war, but we're supposed to do nothing. Meanwhile niggers are encouraged to take action against all triviality

2017-05-23 13:46:36 UTC  

All terrorism?

2017-05-23 13:47:18 UTC  

I'd say All terrorism in white countries. Yes

2017-05-23 13:48:47 UTC  

Imagine whites strapping up with suicide bombs in African majority countries. They'd call that anti black terrorism

2017-05-23 13:49:02 UTC  

Dylann Roof was anti black
Oklahoma City was non-racial
Aurora was non-racial

Don't count school shootings imo b/c except for Sandy Hook they aren't terror related

2017-05-23 13:49:38 UTC  

To link those murders with the White Sharia meme is ludicrous. White Sharia is an over the top way of saying traditional gender roles need to be restored and that white women are out of control, which is 100% true if any on yall are on the dating market. The name is a goof, but the idea is correct. It's not actually an endorsement of mud people religion.