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community college is as cheap as it gets and transferring to another college after 2 years and staying local will save you a fuck ton of money

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trade school is an option as well

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dont go to college for a headass degree either

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then you'll be stuck with college debt and working a shitty job

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What about people that can't apply or don't get accepted to college

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Not to mention a chunk of the population can't even afford 2 years of college

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why the fuck do i have to keep saving this

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And you shouldn't have to pay off debt for the next 20 years just to go

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if you get a good job you wont have to pay it off for the next 20 years you fucking idiot

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apply yourself

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That's not how you tackle systemic issues

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You can't just give everyone the finger and say "lol get a better job you fucking fag lmao" <:Wojak:552585604169334785>

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The simple fact is the price of admission just to learn is higher for most Americans to afford

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And the people that do go end up with degrees that usually aren't of even much use and end up with years of debt

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This is not how the richest nation of earth should be running its education system

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if you actually can budget money well with a good paying job you can wipe out your student debt

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It's frankly embarrassing

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Ok but that doesn't tackle the issue

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no one can tackle the issue with one ideal solution

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its a group collective

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its not easy

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So your solution would be "ok everyone make sure you balance your budget and make sure you have a good job and make sure you don't go to the hospital and make sure you don't wreck your car and make sure no major events in your life occur

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And maybe

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Just maybe

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You'll be able to go to college

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And pay off your debt within less than 20 years

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danny be like

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Sounds good m8

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Monarcho fascism <:PepeChill:552613722502332416>

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Sure buddy

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No, im saying most people have frivolous spending habits while not making smart decisions when they're young, take care of your priorities/ necessities and don't pay the fucking bare minimum on your college debt so you can actually be debt free. Going for a degree in acting while spending $100k in a college education is not a smart choice going for a sound job that'll last you for many years/a lifetime is what you need to do. Everyone has the opportunity to go to college, no one is stopping you from going to college, but be smart with doing it so you are able to actually pay it off spending $100k for a degree in architecture while making $80K a year is a wise choice

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sounds like danny to me @im in the middle of nowhere bruh \