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You still as autistic as you were a year ago? @Danny Sullivan

Seems like you’ve grown on the spectrum


Time to get rid of him


@laurentia danny got a IQ of room temperature

im being ironic you stupid fuck @Danny Sullivan

despite making up 13% of the population

you still fucking ugly lmao @Danny Sullivan

dont need to read it

doesnt reflect my values

shut up you filthy communist lmao

"You have no idea how social and economic status works" believes in communism <:Omegalul:518767109346558002>

at my finest as always danny

i actually wanna hear why you think communism is a viable alternative @Danny Sullivan

A classless society is an unobtainable one, even if communism were to (((work))) government officials are still out higher than the people @Danny Sullivan

Most capitalist societies DO put the well being of citizens forth instead of profit, millions of dollars are spent every year on programs such as social security, unemployment, disability, welfare, and food stamps to help the population

The government isn’t for profit

True communism is unobtainable due to the nature of man

Private corporations are heavily taxed @Danny Sullivan

So yes they do help pay for it

Top 1% of people pay more than the other 99%

@Danny Sullivan taxing a company that makes billions provides billions of dollars for government/ public funding

20% is a good number

do you really believe that most companies if any at all paid 70%?


even @laurentia sees what i see

there are so many loopholes and ways around a 70% tax rate

you do realize what a tax bracket is right?

last time i checked the economy was thriving

DOW jones is doing really well

unemployment at a 50 year low

then get a degree so you can get a better job

take out loans

thats what i do

im going for nursing

are you retarded

great depression doesnt matter guys

never happened

you do realize we have a minimum wage in place correct?

that is determined as the ***minimum*** amount of money for someone to live off of

maybe because it doesnt need to

maybe because the standards of living havent changed much

you know what happens when you implement a $15 an hour minimum wage?

screencapped wrong thing

minimum wage jobs are not long term stable jobs people should be taking

plenty of job opportunities for people to go out their and apply themselves too

trade school is easy enough

community college for 2 years and transfering to another university is a great way to get a degree for 50% off

military is an option

no fucking shit

its an option

i'd rather join the military for 4 years get paid AND get my schooling paid for than being stuck in a dead end minimum wage job

they provide college scholarships

no one is saying send the entire fucking population to join the army you headass

as i said with the other stuff

community college is as cheap as it gets and transferring to another college after 2 years and staying local will save you a fuck ton of money

trade school is an option as well

dont go to college for a headass degree either

then you'll be stuck with college debt and working a shitty job

why the fuck do i have to keep saving this

if you get a good job you wont have to pay it off for the next 20 years you fucking idiot

apply yourself

if you actually can budget money well with a good paying job you can wipe out your student debt

no one can tackle the issue with one ideal solution

its a group collective

No, im saying most people have frivolous spending habits while not making smart decisions when they're young, take care of your priorities/ necessities and don't pay the fucking bare minimum on your college debt so you can actually be debt free. Going for a degree in acting while spending $100k in a college education is not a smart choice going for a sound job that'll last you for many years/a lifetime is what you need to do. Everyone has the opportunity to go to college, no one is stopping you from going to college, but be smart with doing it so you are able to actually pay it off spending $100k for a degree in architecture while making $80K a year is a wise choice


Don’t you have some trans children to support Danny? @Danny Sullivan

Since you’re a progressive

Why don’t you starve them while you’re at it you commie


Mmmmmm progressivism

You were taking forever to say something lol

You kept typing and would stop and keep doing it again

You was at the club

Couldn’t get enough

Had to get straight to my bedroom

***assassinate arch duke Ferdinand***

And live ur life

oh boy another socialist

2 socialists

no roles no opinion @Samm


begone socialist

why is everyone in here either socialist or communist

tf is wrong with all of you

congrats retard

visa is better

still dont know tf its from

you mean edgy 16 year old communist

i still dont get it @Samm

socialism doesnt work either


capitalism has been the most effective system

not my problem

go to the money store

lmao just be happy


so its the systems fault you dont have a car

not your own

it isnt hurting anyone


i like this guy

no i binge watch ben shapiro liberaltard

i only get my reliable news from info wars

you were bitching first


***make ur own***


morphed into a gun

pick something else

i beg of you

mastercard is for homos

still dont get the meme

real niggas use chuck e cheese tokens

get something good

kygers typing lmao

fucking mexican




nigga got stage 4 diabetes

his blood be corn syrup <:Omegalul:518767109346558002>

get off your phone homo @Samm

fucking probably using an iphone 5s <:Omegalul:518767109346558002>

street shitting time


its in the rules guys


and you're annoying

edgy socialist with anime pfp



an edgy socialist with an anime pfp who isnt a mod trying to tell me what to do

do you think anyone has respect for anything on discord?

keep avoiding it


dont you have anything else better to do?

>says we have shitty social lives, continues to argue with us


east coast gang

i dont have work till 3:30 tomorrow

didnt you say it was 11:49 for you? @Valeska-ἑταίρα

why do you keep talking if your own words contradict ur statement?

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