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yall need to listen to more roki

serbia strong is overplayed change my mind while roki is eternal

hell yeah murica

thanks i hate it

looks way too clean to be an original

its too pristine to be original

i made something like that a while back

green is my favorite color

made this a while back

i think so? at the time i didn't really know who they were

@Deleted User where are you from

i ve made lots of these

made this for a norwegian friend

its old so not as good

i need to remake it

i have one for prussia though

@Deleted User prussia is germany ya bitch

yeah so it counts

the last one was made hastily tbh

wait where are you from @Dr.

since if you are american i'd think you'd know

its based off of their 2 flags

both mormon

and the seal of utah

mormons call their home deseret which according to them means beehive

utah is called the beehive state

the bee isn the state bug of utah

see where i'm going

mormons like bees alot thats what i'm trying to say

so i used bees instead of stars

and before you ask no i'm not a mormon

i dont even live in utah

@spinny i dunno but its a famous symbol of theirs

dont see them much around where i live though

eh not bad, but they're weird, they're basically their own religion

dont say that to their faces though or they will get really angry

we've all seen it before

yeah but how big a youtuber

yeah i wouldnt try to get doxxed ok

antifa will take any chance to ruin your life because they're antifa

ah then thats less of a problem

i doubt people are gonna bother doxxing someone all the way in malaysia

its more if you're american canadian or european

hey do what you want but its not our fault if something happens just sayin

i dont speak slav letters

well i dont ok

vodka letters are incomprehensible to me

angry slav noises

wait what country are you from

if you ant slavic then why practice slav religion

probably one of like 3 people lmao

i remember seeing that in another server awhile back lmao

at least you arent chinese @Deleted User

because china is rarted

you even know any chinese

jokes on you i havent played any of those games in polls

tf is that flag

oh you want a lollipop flag

i have it here somewhere

i'm proud of this one

2,526 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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