Message from Dr. NUGGETS in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #general-chat

2019-05-14 17:13:23 UTC  

And taking an .458 Will be overkill for everything but the buffalo

2019-05-14 17:13:49 UTC  

Yep, he does all his African hunts in SA

2019-05-14 17:14:01 UTC  

Ah ok lol

2019-05-14 17:14:04 UTC  

He wanted to do it in Kenya but their laws suck apparently

2019-05-14 17:14:17 UTC

2019-05-14 17:14:59 UTC  

Go to Tanzania. My uncle handles the hunting part there

2019-05-14 17:15:38 UTC  

He's not sure if he'll have the money to go again after this trip, he retires in five years. He wanted to finish his African hunts with the 5 he most wanted to get.

2019-05-14 17:15:55 UTC  

Oh okay

2019-05-14 17:15:57 UTC  

He works at a print shop so he's not a rich man, he's been saving for years.

2019-05-14 17:17:08 UTC  

Hey a job is a job

2019-05-14 17:17:55 UTC  

He's got a hell of a gun collection, but he's left handed so I can't shoot most of his bolt-action hunting rifles.

2019-05-14 17:18:19 UTC  

Lol. Atleast he has something to look at

2019-05-14 17:18:42 UTC  

What animal is this?

2019-05-14 17:18:57 UTC  


2019-05-14 17:19:20 UTC  

Those are some badass horns

2019-05-14 17:20:07 UTC  

Its a beast.

2019-05-14 17:20:11 UTC  

I'm left handed but shoot right handed (right eye dominant)

2019-05-14 17:20:49 UTC  

I shoot right and im right handed

2019-05-14 17:23:47 UTC  

I shoot right handed, but this guy puts left handed stocks on all his hunting rifles (you can see it in one of the pictures), so you can't hold the rifle correctly if you're right handed

2019-05-14 17:24:26 UTC  

Yea I see

2019-05-14 17:37:45 UTC  

Moer mooi koedoe

2019-05-14 17:39:09 UTC  

Dis kak om so mooi ding te skiet

2019-05-14 17:41:29 UTC  

Ja but that's how we get biltong.

2019-05-14 17:41:50 UTC  

Yea. Shit happens

2019-05-14 17:43:05 UTC  

But I do agree. Hence why I'm not in favour of hunting for sport. If it's for consumption then it's not a problem.

2019-05-14 17:43:56 UTC  

The animals need to die naturally.

2019-05-14 17:44:03 UTC  


2019-05-14 17:45:36 UTC  

Well it depends what you classify as natural death in the bush 😉

Every day lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyena make kills to survive. That's the natural order of things in the wild.

That's what the majority of animals die from. a minority die from illness and old age.

2019-05-14 17:47:10 UTC can see their way of life every day on SafariLIVE

2019-05-14 17:47:38 UTC  

Some say the also die naturally from a bullet

2019-05-14 17:48:54 UTC  

But like I don't hunt for sport. I hunt cause its my family's tradition to hunt

2019-05-14 17:49:03 UTC  

I'd say they're misinformed. Not natural to die from a bullet but sometimes necessary in some specific cases such as wild boars tearing up agricultural land.

Culling is a necessary practice at times. Of course necessary for us not necessary for the animals.

2019-05-14 17:49:05 UTC  

And cause biltong is lekke

2019-05-14 17:50:25 UTC  

Agreed. I'm on the same boat in that regard. I cannot stand trophy hunters. But hunting for food is a valid and decent job it is what puts food on the table after all. Hell even the Khoisan and Bantu would hunt if the opportunity arose.

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2019-05-14 17:50:55 UTC  

Is it true that Malema is secretly a gay communist furry, or is that just a lie spread by the alt-right

2019-05-14 17:51:08 UTC  

Never heard that, but that's hilarious.

2019-05-14 17:51:25 UTC  

Funny but I have no idea

2019-05-14 17:51:39 UTC  

He certainly seems like a commie.

2019-05-14 17:51:45 UTC  

Wasn't Mandela in the communist party?

2019-05-14 17:52:12 UTC  

SACP yup.