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So... a buddy (of ours) who I’ve trained BJJ with for over a decade (he actually red pilled me) and I are putting together a “mma” system of self defense.... for example ... we want to focus on self defense that is applicable without wraps and gloves (we’re avoiding a lot of hooks and knock out power strikes… We are keeping our hands lateral when striking) .... techniques that are usable in real life situations... that avoids going to the ground and playing a strategic Brazilian jujitsu game for over 30 minutes… Because as we all know getting kicked in the head doesn’t feel very good… So we are working a system that involves lots of elbows, knees, head butts and big body mechanics… I encourage everyone to look at the Marine Corps martial arts program… Or simply called MCMAP @Deleted User .… I bring it up because I would really like some input from all of you… Techniques and strategies that you all think are important to incorporate etc.… i am absolutely open to all styles even though we are leaning more wrestling, boxing-ish....I’d like to streamline this curriculum... write it down and distribute it .....and make it accessible for our wives, girlfriends(hope they don’t meet) and children...
Input appreciated...
Thx Fam

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@Punisher Coming to Denver? You could host a class there.

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Not anytime soon my friend... sorry @Wood-Ape - OK/MN (bad-ass handle btw) any sig?

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hate to say it but

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krav maga?

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Eh, I did some of it

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I feel it has the same problem that all other styles tend to

2018-10-08 04:53:22 UTC  

practicing unrealistic orunintuitive things

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I don't know but I've heard a lot of great guys tell me that krav maga is one of the most practical martial arts out there. That's kinda what they designed it for. Practical hands-on self defense for soldiers, etc.

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Clearly I.E. can make sport and cultural waves by monopolizing the revival of Gymkata. 😋

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Great post @Punisher

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@Tyler0317 would have some thoughts as well I’d wager

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@Punisher I am/was a MCMAP brown belt

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No shit^

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Legit Tyler

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Tips hat🎩

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Tyler’s legit

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My Brazilian jujitsu instructor was also a MCMAP instructor so that’s probably feeding this ....

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I have the crooked nose to prove I can take a punch, lol 😉

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Hopefully most of us in this forum do…

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I'm conflicted on MCMAP

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I liked it a ton, but then got into MMA after leaving the .mil,,, SO much of the basic self-defense stuff doesn't work well against other skilled dudes.

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We are then left at that eternal crossroads,

-Do we train to defeat skilled opponents, because those techniques are 'tried and true'.
-Do we train to win as quickly as possible against the most likely(unskilled) opponent.

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@Rogue The issue with Krav is it's is unspar-able

I don't know of a way to train groin kicks and eye gouges with a sparring partner, lol.

2018-10-09 02:32:45 UTC  

I remember eye gouges in MCMAP

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Good point on the crossroads, tho.

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@Punisher @Tyler0317 Okay, so having had some time to think about it, my first suggestion is defense on your feet. Literal defense. Fighting withdrawal, defending while back-pedaling, defending haymakers; basically, the art of getting out of there while being attacked (sometimes by multiple opponents) without turning your back

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Yes Will. Agreed. Have you ever looked into the idea of “stacking” opponents?
I’m a about to teach a class... I’ll be back in about 2 hours and we can chop it up if you want.. or we could VC if peeps want in?

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Would be nice to schedule a VC with all the brains on this

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For real right!??

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most nights at 9 my time (6 your time) work for me

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I PM’d @Tyler0317 I was gonna try to connect with him as well tonight... 6 works for me tonight ... hopefully he can make it..

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rgr that lemme know

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I'm free at 9pm central tonight

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Don't let me hold back progress though

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Can we do a different night? Would be good if all of us could get together at once

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I'm generally free after 6 central