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2018-01-23 03:43:40 UTC  

CONSUMERISM - Choice of a society founded exclusively on the quantitative dimension of its members' material consumption - to detriment of all other considerations.

2018-01-23 03:46:36 UTC  

CONVERGENCE OF CATASTROPHES - The converging lines if civilization rupture that in the course of the Twenty-first century will consume the 'modern world' in a great planetary chaos.

---From this chaos - which will be extremely painful at the planetary level - there will emerge the possibility of a new post-catastrophic world order - the painful birth of a new civilization.

1) The cancerizstion of Europe's social fabric.
2) Factors of social rupture in Europe will be aggravated by an economic-demographic crisis that will culminate in mass poverty.
3) Chaos in the Global south.
4) Threat of a world financial crisis.
5) The rise of fanatical, fundamentalist religions, especially Islam.
6) North-South confrontation, highlighting ethnic-theological differences.
7) The uncontrollable pollution of the planet.

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COSMOPOLITANISM - The belief that the systematic mélange of cultures is preferable to the identity of each culture - the belief that comes from prejudice that some sort of world civilization is necessary.

---Cosmopolitanism is nothing but a failed differentialism. It's ideal of mixing cultures for the sake of creating a single world culture is essentially totalitarian.

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CULTURAL STRUGGLE - The defence and creative assertion of threatened European cultures.

---Political struggle is sterile without a cultural struggle to support, accompany, and justify it.

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CULTURE, CIVILIZATION - Culture is the compass of a people's mentalities, traditions, mores, and values. Civilization is the tangible material expression of the culture, representing culture's practical realization.

---A civilization grows out of a culture's mental and spiritual stock, whose ethnic disposition is largely inherited.

---Culture is the basis of civilizations, but culture also rests on a people's genetic capacity - that is, on its bio-anthropological substrata, it's germen.

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DECADENCE - The weakening of a people or civilization resulting from internal causes that leads it to lose its identity and creativity.

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DECULTURATION - The loss of memory and cultural references.

---The dominant ideology wilfully contributes to the present deculturation, to the de-Europeanization of youth, because it wants to detach youth from their roots and cause them to lose their identity, which is reputedly dangerous. Illiteracy, the abandonment of the study of history and classical humanism are well-known examples. The present deculturation of European youth is pursued not for the sake of a superior, more elaborate culture (which was the case when primitive populations encountered Europe's superior culture in the Nineteenth-century), but for the sake of an inferior, massified, and neo-primative culture: that of zapping, video games, tom-tom, degenerate pop art (the opposite of 'popular art'), etc

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DEMOCRACY, DEMOCRATISM, ORGANIC DEMOCRACY - A political system in which the people is sovereign and governed by its elected representatives.

---Democratism is now a world dogma, but it's a sham democracy, for it neglects the people's interests. Western democracies are actually oligarchies that conceal their betrayal of the Hellenic-Germanic tradition of democracy.

---The people have lost control of its destiny and a disguised totalitarianism has come to control it: in the guise of a false plurality, the parliamentary Left and Right function almost as a single party, dealing with issues only if they are politically correct. That is, only if they serve the interests of the oligarchy and the dominant ideology.

---In Western Europe, the best illustration of democracy's absence is the fact that the established power objectively favor our replacements by non-Europeans, Islamic colonizers, without ever having consulted native Europeans. The people's destruction, it's ethnocide, is indeed programmed by the present pseudo-democracy. This makes it completely anti-democratic, since it destroys what needs conserving.

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---Should we be anti-democratic? No, we should instead revive the organic democracy deeply rooted in the European tradition. Such a democracy, as the Ancient Athenian political philosophers held, is possible only among ethnically homogenous people.
The notion of allowing aliens to vote negates the very idea of the nation and democracy. The participation of everyone in the exercise of power, in making political decisions affecting the whole, is possible only within human ensemble possessing the same values, memories, and culture. A multi-racial, multi-confessional society can in no case be democratic, since it lacks commonly shared references. Such a society would be endemically oppressive and culminate in a caste system.

---Organic democracy is not egalitarian. It gas need of leaders, ones who serve the people, bit themselves. In the Oriental tradition, which has contaminated us today, the governing elites serve their own interests, their own vanity, their own sinecures. In the European tradition, the leader, the king, the emperor, the elites served their people, being part of it, like the brain is part of the body. Hence its 'organic' character.

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DESIGNATION OF THE 'ENEMY' AND THE 'FRIEND', 'ENEMY' AND 'ADVERSARY' - The enemy is one who physically poses a danger, who endeavors to eliminate you by making you disappear; the adversary dominates and weakens you.

---Europe's principle enemy at present is the alien, the colonizing immigrant masses, and Islam. Her principle adversary is America, which allies with Islam to weaken and dominate Europe.

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DESTINY, BECOMING - The way of a people in history or of a creative personality, determined by Providence, will, and capacity.

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DEVIRILISATION - The declining values of courage and virility for the sake of feminist, xenophile, homophile, and humanitarian values.

---The dominant Western ideology fosters this devrilisation of Europeans, though it doesn't touch the alien colonizers. Homophilia, like the feminist fashion of false liberation, the ideological rejection of large families for the sake of the unstable nuclear couple, the declining birth rate, the preference of photographers for the African and the Arab, the constant justification of miscegenation, the denigration of warrior values, hatred for every powerful, forceful form of aesthetics, as well as the prevailing lack of courage - are some if the present characteristics of this devrilisation.

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DISCIPLINE - The regulation and positive adaptation of behavior through sanction, reward, and exercise.

---The anti-disciplinary societies of today are hardly exempt from repression and other, more cloaked, forms of totalitarianism. Repression has merely changed its object and nature. The rigorous of the law, fiscally and punitively, now fall on the 'transparent citizen', but the number of no-go zones keeps expanding, just as delinquency and other criminal activities are increasingly tolerated. Indeed, all kinds of violent delinquencies have grown. 'Hate speech' (i.e., identitarian speech) or 'homophobia' is strictly repressed, as the thought police demand, but drugs are decriminalized, the threshold for urban delinquency is raised, secularism is violated in favor of Islam, terrorists and urban rioters are appeased, etc.
These are the signs of a society whose fundamental values have become suicidal - a society which represses and censors everything that is vital and encourages everything that is culturally and biologically pathological.

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Very much enjoyed that convo last night lady and gents. All contributions were solid and thoughtful and the level of critical thinking gives me much hope. Thank you!

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Hey, everyone! Just wanted to update you all that we'll be having our book discussion tonight at 9p EST. Talk to you guys then!


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@everyone Book discuission will begin in about 10 minutes.

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DOMESTICATION - Mental and behavioural submission to a social and ideological system, accompanied by a loss of will and proper judgment, and a physical dependence on material conditions.

-Domesticated man is profoundly attached to the social structures conditioning him, devoid as he is of all revolutionary spirit and historical vision. Whether at the top or the bottom of the social scale, he is a human type incapable of autonomy, the model citizen of our neo-totalitarian age, the modern figure of the slave.

The paradox of the domesticated man is that he has been made to feel that he is an ‘individual’; and indeed narcissistic individualism has become his sole horizon. He’s a little like the artificially bred pig who is force-fed in his cramped cage. The individualism of this domesticated creature, though, actually conceals his submission to the herd’s morality.

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"Cult of comfort." - Neoptolemos

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ECONOMISM - The reduction of social and political goals to their economic dimension, characteristic of Western ideologies.

-From the viewpoint of economism, history is explainable solely in terms of economic factors, which are seen as facets of a civilisation’s infrastructure, while cultural, demographic, and other factors are ignored or treated as secondary.

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"It will sort itself out, because reasons"

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Ah, no.

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EGALITARIANISM - This central dogma of Western ideologies stems from a secularisation of Judaeo-Christian claims that all men are in essence equal, atoms of moral, political, and social equivalence — and that equality needs to be realised in fact.

-Egalitarianism is the trunk root of the dominant ideology. It is the source of all modern totalitarianisms, as well as the decadence of so-called liberal, democratic societies. It’s based on a pathological refusal to accept the inegalitarian nature of human societies — that is, it’s a utopian revolt against life itself. Egalitarianism derives from Judaeo-Christian individualism — or, said more exactly, it’s a perversion and secularisation of this individualism. We shouldn’t forget, though, that the egalitarian virus is also found in non-Christian conceptions of the world and that Medieval Christianity knew how to protect itself from it

Judaeo-Christianity presupposes that men as individuals are equal before God, that this equality is superior to their differences, to objective inequalities and ethnic attachments. This purely theological and metaphysical view of the world was secularised by the Enlightenment — allegedly ‘anti-Christian’, but in actuality ‘post-Christian’.

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EMPIRE, IMPERIAL FEDERATION - The political unification of diverse but related peoples under a common sovereign authority, which leaves each individual people autonomous and free.

A federated empire is united, but not blindly homogenised, like the egalitarian nation-state. It revolves around the function of sovereignty, while preserving the diversity of its other functions. Its existence is legitimated by the power and longevity of its peoples, federated within a political and historical community. The empire’s vocation is not to become a ‘World State’, like Islam or the American System, but instead embraces and guides the destiny of those peoples who historically, culturally, and ethnically feel themselves to be part of the same general community.

There’s also a negative conception — a suicidal conception — of empire. This is the model of the late Roman Empire, following the edicts of Caracalla[135] (who granted Roman citizenship to all the Empire’s subjects, whatever their origins); this is the model of Alexander, who sought a single ensemble of Greeks and Orientals; this is also the model of Europe’s former colonial empires, which is today colonising Europe itself. The ethnopluralist, multi-racial model of empire must be rejected, for it inevitably stirs up internal dissension and, ultimately, ends up destroying the empire’s founding stock.

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ENROOTMENT - Attachment to a land, to a hereditary heritage, and to an identity that is the motor of all historical dynamism.

Enrootment opposes cosmopolitanism, cultural mixing, and the ethnic chaos of present-day civilisation. The concept, however, is ‘slippery’, because it easily leads to certain misunderstandings. European enrootment is never an attachment to the past or to immobility. Instead, it links the ancestral heritage with creation. It shouldn’t be understood, then, in the way a museum has us understand it, which neutralises a people’s identity by freezing it in nostalgic memory. The notion of enrootment complements that of ‘disinstallation’, explained above. Enrootment is the preservation of roots, based on the knowledge that the tree must continue to grow. Roots are what live: they engender the tree and permit its growth.

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ETHNOCENTRISM - The mobilising conviction, distinct to all long-living peoples, that they belong to something superior and that they must conserve their ethnic identity, if they are to endure in history.

Whether it’s ‘objectively’ true or false doesn’t matter: ethnocentrism is the psychological condition necessary to a people’s (or nation’s) survival. History is not a field in which intellectually objective principles are worked out, but one conditioned by the will to power, competition, and selection. Scholastic disputes about a people’s superiority or inferiority are beside the point. In the struggle for survival, the feeling of being superior and right is indispensable to acting and succeeding.

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ETHNOMASOCHIM - The masochistic tendency to blame and devalue one’s ethnicity, one’s own people. Ethnomasochism comes from shame and self-hatred.

It’s a collective psychopathology, provoked by a concerted propaganda campaign to make Europeans feel guilty about how they’ve treated other peoples and to make them see themselves as ‘oppressors’. They are made, in this way, to repent and pay their alleged debt. A veritable historical imposture, their repentance, no less, is urged by the churches and the state.

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EUGENICS - A technique for improving the genetic quality of a population.

Biotechnologies and genetic engineering today furnish the technical and practical means of improving the human genome, not solely for therapeutic reasons, but for political ones as well. Biotechnology now makes it possible to practice a positive eugenics that directly intervenes in the genome to improve heredity, doing so more effectively and rapidly than older techniques based on selection by marriage.

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Good stuff.

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Been in favor of it since I was a kid.