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But Western men are expected to act like fools.

They have abandoned their social identities, and therefore have no social orientation in the world. Or, rather, they are oriented against orientation. The only thing they stand against is identity. Identity is everything, so essentially they’ve become the champions of nothingness.

Good, modern, civilized white men stand for nothing, so as the saying goes, they’ll fall for anything.
And they’ve been so easily manipulated.

Good, modern, civilized Western white men are so easily cowed by charges of bias and privilege that they work tirelessly to outdo each other with social displays of moral universalism — by cucking themselves in every way imaginable.

-Jack Donovan, Becoming a Barbarian

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the passages that come after that are also really good

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When Western men recognize that they have an advantage or someone accuses one of them of some real or imagined “privilege,” they’re expected to acknowledge it and step aside or handicap themselves in some perverse Harrison Bergeron fashion to make things more “equal” and “fair” for everyone else — as if life has ever been or ever could be fair, as if people had ever been or could be truly equal.

Good, modern, civilized Western white men are expected to be the gentlemen of the world, throwing their coats down and opening every door for everyone else, putting their own interests last.

No one — certainly no woman — respects a man who behaves like that.

No child respects a father like that.

No one respects a man who is always apologizing and backpedaling.

No one respects a man who is always asking for permission.

No one respects a man who won’t stand up for himself or fight for his own interests.

No one wants to cheer for a team that stopped playing to win.

Most people would agree that men who don’t play to win deserve to lose.

I agree completely.

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Moral universalism is a philosophy for men who have surrendered. They have surrendered their land, their history, their women, their dignity and their identity. They’ve become impotent half-men who deserve to be victims and slaves.

Moral universalism is a poisonous, emasculating philosophy for any man who adopts it.

If you are not a Western white man, and you adopt this philosophy, you will also eventually lose your culture and your history and your identity and you will also deserve to be a victim and a slave. Your cappuccino-colored kin will disappear completely into that incomprehensible swarm of 9.5 billion indistinguishable cappuccino-colored drones.

They may have come for our identities first, but eventually, they’ll come for yours.

The interests and mechanisms that drive the Empire have no use for identity. Identity is an inconvenience. It’s inefficient. It’s in the way.

The forces of globalism are aligned against identity, against everything that means anything.

Together, they form an Empire of Nothing.

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this really speaks to my personal motivation for belonging to the movement. Had I not read the Way of Men before learning about Identity Evropa, I might not have applied to join.

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*"A serious decline of population appears in the West after Hadrian. . .. . A law of Septimus Severus speaks of a penuria hominum - a shortage of men. In Greece the depopulation had been going on for centuries. In Alexandria, which had boasted of its numbers, Bishop Dionysius calculated that the population had in his time [250 A.D.] been halved. He mourned to see “the human race diminishing and constantly wasting away.” Only the barbarians and Orientals were increasing, outside the Empire and within.(50)*

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*How did Rome reduce its population? “Though branded as a crime, infanticide dourished. . . Sexual excesses may have reduced human fertility; the avoidance or deferment of marriage had a like effect.”(51) Adds Durant: “Perhaps the operation of contraceptio n, abortion and infanticide . . . had a dysgenio as well as a numerical effect. The ablest men married latest, bred least and died soonest.”(52) Christians were having children, the pagans were not: “Abortion and infanticide which were decimating pagan society, were forbidden to Christians as the equivalents to murder; in many instances Christians rescued exposed infants, baptized them, and brought them up with the aid of the community fund”(53)

Irony of ironies. Today (2002), an aging, dying Christian West is pressing the Third World and the Islamic World to accept contraception, abortion, and sterilization as the West has done... But why should they enter a suicide pact with us when they stand to inherit the earth when we are gone?*

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Source: (50) Will Durant, Caesar and Christ (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1944;), p. 666. (51) Ibid.
(52) Ibid.
(53) Ibid.

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-Death Of The West

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Genetics and Education, Jensen 1972

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“Designation of the Enemy”

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Near the end of this week’s reading portion of Why We Fight

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“The characteristic fact of the moment is that the mediocre soul, recognizing itself as mediocre, has the audacity to assert the right of mediocrity and impose it everywhere.”

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*The Myth of the Twentieth Century* , Page 22.

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We Wuz Persians n sheeit

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Interesting quote in this book from Nikolai Bukharin, one of the leading early Bolsheviks, on the assumptions underlying the goals of leftism. He said, "Plasticity of the organism is the silent theoretical premise of our course of action. If we were to take the point of view that racial and national characteristics were so great that it would take thousands of years to change them, then, naturally, all our work would be absurd."

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That's fascinating! Changing one premise shifted an entire civilization. Where'd you find this gem? :)

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I'm reading the book for a class on the history of the Soviet Union, if you just search "Everyday Stalinism" on Amazon I'm sure you can find it. It does a really good job providing an understanding of all the contraditictions in the Soviet system and how those contradictions impacted the lives of Russians in the 1930s. It's a very mainstream work but I would reccomend it if you're interested in the period.

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Apparently the modern left's support for nationalism and group identity in ethnicities/races it considers to be oppressed, while at the same time viewing as evil any nationalism or group identity in ethnicities/races it considers to be oppressors, is not at all new. The Bolsheviks did the same thing. Look at the first and third paragraphs especially (note: I got the book used and the highlighting is not mine).

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Wow, it is really strange how similar this is to today. The central paragraph, especially the end of it, builds on the stuff mentioned in the previous picture.

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@Travis - IN Interesting that these are some of the same platforms pushed by the Democrats/Neoconservatives.

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Revolt Against the Modern World. Just had to post this, because I can't across the bit about crying over human dignity" being, relating to slavery and class division mere rhetoric ", something I agree with. The current economic system is much more heinous a crime than we had in ancient times, if not simply for the fact that it has totally undermined the dignity that came with labor toward a higher purpose

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"Having discovered fascism’s nesting ground in patriarchal families, Adorno now identified its natural habitat: traditional culture: “It is a well-known hypothesis that susceptibility to fascism is most characteristically a middle-class phenomenon, that ‘it is in the culture’ and, hence, that those who conform the most to this culture will be the most prejudiced.”15
Edmund Burke once wrote, “I would not know how to draw up an indictment against a whole people.”16 Adorno and the Frankfurt School, however, had just done exactly that. They flatly asserted that individuals raised in families dominated by the father, who are flagwaving patriots and follow the old-time religion, are incipient fascists and potential Nazis. As a conservative Christian culture breeds fascism, those deeply immersed in such a culture must be closely watched for fascist tendencies." - Patrick J. Buchanan, *The Death of the West*

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On Games and Victory,
"The fasct remains that modern man needs these degraded and desecrated forms of action as if they were some kind of drug; he needs them to elude the sense of his inner emptiness, to be aware of himself, and to find in exasperated sensations the surrogate for the true meaning of life. One of the characteristics of the Western "Dark Age" ( Kali Yuga) is a sort of Titanic restlessness that knows no limitations of and that induces an existential fever and awakens new sources of elation and of stupefaction.

Julius Evola, *Revolt Against the Modern World*

How bout those Yankees

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I read this basically as, competition without a higher purpose or dedication outside one's self is the same as masturbation, filling an emptiness with a similar feeling but without true meaning

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