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I think there’s also a factor of competence and common sense. If you are drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk, you’re an idiot. Having a drink on certain occasions is fine.

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Lately I’ve been using alcohol as fuel to the fire when burning Jews/nigs so I support it

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Nice meme

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This was a serious topic

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I’m pretty serious

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Post pics

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Sure thing

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But personally I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve seen too many of my white brothers and sisters fall victim to this venom, and I will not sacrifice my integrity for a swig of fermented grapes. A drunk alpha is no longer an alpha

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Alcohol drinks in moderate consumption is healthy

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Especially beer and wine

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Spirits too

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rakija is what keeps old men alive

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National socialist sXe <:swas:449290177333035028>

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If you can read Spanish you should pick up one of miguel Serrano’s books for cheap

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what's up gamers

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Salutations comrade!

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**"If the government is driving a nationality to its destruction, the rebellion of every member of that people is not merely a right, but a duty. Whether or not this condition exists is not shown by theoretical stories, but it is shown when force is used against the people and in the success of effort to suppress the nationality."** *- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf*

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This is relevant to everyone from every country at the moment with the love of political correctness bullshit being taken seriously by governments.

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Anyone have some good literature that explains the difference between nationalism and patriotism?

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patriotisim is loyality to the state

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I dont think that definition is right

2018-11-15 17:58:33 UTC  

Patriotism is loving your country.

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Nationalism is a political ideology in which you try to improve ur country and further its interests often at the expense of other countries.

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Search books on nationalism on google

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Loads of books by famous political scientists and historians come up.

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Mein kampf

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Patriotism is loyalty to the cultural foundations of the society in which that particular state exists

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👍🏻 <:swas:449290177333035028>

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@Deleted User Are you estonian?

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“If anyone should try to improve us with nonsense about putting on airs of moral superiority for appearance’s sake or showy-idealism because it is what they think other people believe we should do, there can only be one answer: Any question of destiny that is as important as a people’s struggle to survive immediately disposes of any duty to demonstrate “proper” appearances or to be concerned in any way with how we appear to outsiders. The least beautiful thing that can exist in human life is the yoke of slavery. Or do these touchy-feely people find the present lot of the German nation only an appearance to be viewed by others? We have no need to discuss the matter with the Jews. They are the inventors of this perfume of civilization which makes people more concerned with appearances than with survival. Their whole existence is a denial of the beauty of God’s creation.” - Adolf Hitler