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Did you fall in love with her?



๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Im not a troll

Its a sort of family and friends server

With a nazi twist

But we want to connect with more of our kind

We arent furries wtf


Is this in the UK?








Liberals are hypocrites

@Deleted User why do u condemn muslims for killing jews but at the same time wish that the holocaust did happen?

Hitler single handedly took on europe

You never know

He might have had more tricks up his sleeve <:adolflol:449290174082318339>

Whats difficult about burning

The part that would be most difficult is gathering all the jews in 1 place

Thats true

It doesnt take seconds

@Spastic so you think the holocaust is a lie to defame hitler?

What so the jews lied to control us?

The Israel prize is the only prize i would never want to win <:adolflol:449290174082318339>

Keep calm

Debate properly

Alright relax

Ok its fine now

Didnt someone say that Antifa will attack this server?

A few days ago

I did

Answer the question i made towards you

But you said islam is wrong for killing jews

Everyone here wants them dead

Phalanx either u value jewish life or you have a double standard

Alright let me clarify what i said

You said islam isnt a religion of peace because they killed 120 million jews

Who is this towards?

But no-one here likes jews

Everyone wants them dead

So whats the criticism for

Its what everyone here wants to see

Jews dead

Serious question: if you guys could would u kill every jew in existence?

Whats pst?

That question was worded wrongly

Hah you all give mixed answers

Oh well

Sometimes it be like that

<:adolflol:449290174082318339> <:adolflol:449290174082318339> <:adolflol:449290174082318339>

Dont do goebbels like that LMAO




Its NRM in english

NMR swedish




Well even if you cannot find the results right now, sooner rather than later, someone would inform everyone on the server by putting the results here.

Maybe you should cry about the sorry state of your country

Not that mines any better

I'm not american

Oh ok

But a lot of these americans think black people and other "minorities" that have been in the USA for a very long time count as true americans

Also they have a president that has taken a stronger anti-immigration stance than previous american presidents.

Alt-Right Nibbas: Fucking jews control the world. Let's do something about it
Also Alt-Right nibbas: Let's vote for the most pro-israel president ever.

I have to agree with that to a degree

But ideally the holy land should be christian

Not jewish or muslim

A jew who wanted to fix the jews

And guess what

Those cunts had him crucified

270 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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