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@Spastic I reacted to the video.

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I like my posts and comments too.

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@Spastic is this what you mean by a chad emoji?

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master race

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Im back

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@Tunnekylmä - Ted Bundy Inc northwest imperative is a retarded idea and covington was a useless fatass who redirected valuable energy with his shitty literature and dumb idea for decades

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>concentrate yourself in one small region with limited labor opportunity where the locals hate you because you're transgressing on their small and peaceful lives so the feds can easily identify you

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and for what?

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I fucking hate the Christianity vs paganism debate

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its just retarded
pisses me the fuck off
literally just left 2 servers because they are autist about this

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religious disputes are petty but they're never going to stop

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also hitler the NSDAP did everything they could to undermine christianity both as an ideology and as an institution in germany

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just saying

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it would've likely been entirely stamped out post-war

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They put restrictions on the church because the Pope was literally a jew puppet and has been for the past 250 years. The protestants we'rent much better. Everything is just fucked.

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but no matter

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like you said its petty

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the positive christianity movement was essentially a transition from judeo-christian moralism to a more appropriate aryan morality/worldview. it was very clearly meant to be a temporary thing to wean people off the church and christianity

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anyways idk

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you might as well assert yourself

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i've probably met one or two respectful christians in my life, the rest will act in a chauvinistic fashion

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nice name ^ 😉

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@Deleted User Horseshit.

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@Deleted User It is White because our forefathers found this land and our other forefathers built this land. Oldest mummies are proving to be European...

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The American Indians (mongols really) also have folk tales of killing off fair haired giants.

2018-08-02 04:45:35 UTC  

Which to them, Whites would be giants. I believe the Norse described the Amerinds as short, nappy haired and screaming...

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death to america

2018-08-02 06:42:49 UTC  

^ Death to the Great Satan.

2018-08-02 06:44:31 UTC  

Death to subhumans.

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>Complains people argue over paganism vs Christianity
>5min later throws shit at christians

The irony is real

2018-08-02 13:06:08 UTC  

''Hey man these religion fights are retarded''
''But man fuck Jesus he is a hoe though''

2018-08-02 13:09:05 UTC  

@Hvitulfr the 56% are just that. 56% white. Nothing more

2018-08-02 13:19:23 UTC  

he's not wrong though

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aren't you that guy who hangs around fashlash?

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also was in 20AD?