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2018-01-29 03:16:32 UTC  

Ive been working a lot with linear equations

2018-01-29 03:18:57 UTC  

@Warren H Yeah they are an important building block for a lot of things but there can be a lot to keep track of when getting used to them. Any thoughts in particular about linear equations? Let us know if you have any questions in the future!

2018-01-29 03:22:31 UTC  

Haha I don't like them lol. The worst part of math for me is fractions, and finding missing numbers like x lol

2018-01-29 03:24:41 UTC  

@Warren H haha yeah if you remember up there ^^^ the first way I wanted to solve for u... first thing I did was cross-multiplied the denominators because I don't like using fractions either if I don't have to.
Are you doing this for a math major?

2018-01-29 03:25:41 UTC  

Yeah I will try to remember that

2018-01-29 03:26:14 UTC  

And nope not at all. I'm majoring in media production. This is just a required core class. Even tho I took 4 years of math in high school 🙃

2018-01-29 03:28:27 UTC  

@Warren H yep it's a common core req for almost everybody. welp, feel free to ping <@&387091385075105804> for help here throughout the semester!

2018-01-29 03:29:02 UTC  

What's AE?

2018-01-29 03:29:13 UTC  
2018-01-29 03:30:18 UTC  

@Warren H Academic Expert, it pings everyone has volunteered to make themselves available to anyone asking questions. Lots of fellow students and teachers and former teachers here

2018-01-29 03:31:02 UTC  

Although pinging @here works pretty well too

2018-01-29 03:31:58 UTC  

Ah okay. That's good to know @ThisIsChris

2018-01-29 03:35:40 UTC  

If you're still here I need some clarification on a problem that I think I did correctly but it's not approving

2018-01-29 03:36:00 UTC  

@Warren H sure!

2018-01-29 03:36:33 UTC  

-2z - 4z = 19+ 4

2018-01-29 03:37:53 UTC  

left side is -6z
right side is 23
so -6z = 23
divide both sides by -6
so z = 23/(-6) or equivalently z = -23/6

2018-01-29 03:38:28 UTC  


2018-01-29 03:38:37 UTC  

lol I didn't do the signs right. I got 23/6 that's why

2018-01-29 03:38:51 UTC  

that'll do it

2018-01-29 03:39:16 UTC  

😆 it's really hard to pay attention to that sometimes. Especially on timed exams

2018-01-29 03:40:19 UTC  

Yeah, best thing I could advise is that whenever you see a negative sign ANYWHERE, double check at the end that the signs look right

2018-01-29 03:41:32 UTC  

if all the numbers are positive then you probably don't have to be too careful. It's just when a negative sign appears, keep going, but walk through it again at the end

2018-01-29 03:42:21 UTC  

Yeah that's a good way to check. I try my best lol

2018-01-30 04:34:55 UTC  

Anyone @here to help with another math question?

2018-01-30 04:36:05 UTC  

I might could. I haven't done math in a bit, but I can do things like the last question posted.

2018-01-30 04:37:15 UTC  

I know the answer to this question, I'm just not sure how to solve to get to it

2018-01-30 04:37:44 UTC  

6/9 * 3/12 squared - 4/6

2018-01-30 04:38:24 UTC  

Is there an equals sign?

2018-01-30 04:39:01 UTC  

No. supposed to solve it

2018-01-30 04:39:13 UTC  


2018-01-30 04:39:17 UTC  

I meant I knew the answer

2018-01-30 04:39:21 UTC  

Order of operations

2018-01-30 04:39:33 UTC  

Yep did that

2018-01-30 04:40:11 UTC  

Would a photo help for reference?

2018-01-30 04:40:15 UTC  


2018-01-30 04:40:17 UTC  


2018-01-30 04:41:07 UTC

2018-01-30 04:41:43 UTC  

How do I get 1/24?

2018-01-30 04:42:13 UTC  

When I multiply I get 54/1296 and i don't know how to reduce it because I'm bad at fractions

2018-01-30 04:44:07 UTC  

Simplify 6/9 * 9/144

2018-01-30 04:44:19 UTC  

The 9s cancel out