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2021-01-16 20:48:22 UTC  

open market operations are a form of gov intervention

2021-01-16 20:48:29 UTC  

No they aren't

2021-01-16 20:48:35 UTC  

and are supported by virtually all keynesians

2021-01-16 20:48:36 UTC  

OMO's are just private central bank intervention

2021-01-16 20:48:40 UTC  

Yeah, those are monetarists not Keynesians

2021-01-16 20:48:55 UTC  

they just say they aren't enough

2021-01-16 20:49:02 UTC  

I mean literally that's true though

2021-01-16 20:49:09 UTC  

because Keynes hated central bank action for recessions

2021-01-16 20:49:11 UTC  

Friedman loved it

2021-01-16 20:49:21 UTC  

I still laugh at lolberts who blame Keynes for the mess we have now

2021-01-16 20:50:02 UTC  

not really friedmanites believe in inflation targeting, not countercyclical monetary policy

2021-01-16 20:50:10 UTC  

Friedman was a retard for rejecting ABCT

2021-01-16 20:50:10 UTC  

Yes they do

2021-01-16 20:50:10 UTC  


2021-01-16 20:50:17 UTC  

ABCT is false now

2021-01-16 20:50:21 UTC  

It's a defense for usury

2021-01-16 20:50:32 UTC  

I'm usurypilled

2021-01-16 20:50:37 UTC  

he did, where?

2021-01-16 20:50:44 UTC  

Feder's Theory of Interest <:chad:793675087064465449>

2021-01-16 20:50:55 UTC  

In his general theory and every other literature he had

2021-01-16 20:51:06 UTC  

He saw central bank action as barley demand responding for recessions

2021-01-16 20:51:40 UTC  

Keynes believed in spurring investment which open market operations precisely do

2021-01-16 20:51:41 UTC  

no you aren't

2021-01-16 20:51:45 UTC  

are you ?

2021-01-16 20:52:05 UTC  

No, he believed in socializing investment which is basically debt-free money to the government.

2021-01-16 20:52:09 UTC  

well I obviously dont think all interest is usury or whatever

2021-01-16 20:52:11 UTC  

Basically fiscal policy but no national debt

2021-01-16 20:52:31 UTC  

all interest is wrong and anti-bible

2021-01-16 20:52:47 UTC  

but I think what hammer and sickle is saying is that ABCT doesnt describe the nature of modern business cycles which I agree with but thats because of the government/central planners/private banks or whatever we want to call them

2021-01-16 20:52:58 UTC  

'hammer and sickle'

2021-01-16 20:53:06 UTC  

My emoji isn't hammer and sickle but call me cash plz

2021-01-16 20:53:06 UTC  

hammer and hammer

2021-01-16 20:53:09 UTC  


2021-01-16 20:53:22 UTC  

i assumed it was meant to represent a hammer and sickle

2021-01-16 20:53:26 UTC  

Austrians got lucky and only described 1 RECESSION throughout history

2021-01-16 20:53:29 UTC  

and that was the early 20's one

2021-01-16 20:53:46 UTC  

ive also seen empirical evidence to suggest it accurately described the great depression

2021-01-16 20:53:50 UTC  


2021-01-16 20:53:55 UTC  

Usury and Worldwide Austerity caused TGDP

2021-01-16 20:54:24 UTC  

well that may have worsened it under FDRs years but lets not forget it originally started with hoover

2021-01-16 20:54:46 UTC  

It started it