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Pretty sure Khrushchev was an ethnic Russian born in Ukraine not a Ukrainian

Brezhnev was the same

He was fat so you might be right

Even if you don't explicitly consider blacks a part of your out-groups, you still do so implicitly

How often do people die in work related incidents now compared to the early Industrial Revolution and even early 20th century capitalism?

I obviouslt meant per capita lmao

We live in a post-industrial society but you continue to pretend we live in some pre Golden Age of capitalism soceity

"their" political power

@The_5cythe so tell me, you acknowledge that advancemenrs for blacks are clearly driven by white actors. This is clearly because anti racism is in the interest of capital. Why are you so committed to anti racism then?

Why are counter signalling people who pose the greatest threat to capital since the collapse of the Old Left then? @The_5cythe

Even if nothing comes of this directly it's still an indication of the direction the US is going

@Gre nothing's too sure but it's fair to say a civil war is not out of the question

It might take 40 years

But the assassination of Tiberius Gracchus and the Battle of Actium were separated by a 102 years

whether you like it or not economic power is military and geopolitical power

"i dont care about GDP" tell that to the chinese in the 1840s lol

ofc they do lol prices are only ever inflexible in the short term, no serious economist denies long term flexibility, especially during major shocks

lol no even during times of rigid prices s&d still apply and the current recession is proof - a shitton of business rationed goods (instead of immediately increasing prices) because the shortage of goods would've been even worse otherwise

s&d has not been debunked - it has been augmented and expanded

@slavecaste prices remained rigid in the face of a huge collapse in aggregate demand due to government intervention lol

most recessions prior to 1945 saw deflation in CPI

open market operations are a form of gov intervention

and are supported by virtually all keynesians

they just say they aren't enough

not really friedmanites believe in inflation targeting, not countercyclical monetary policy

he did, where?

Keynes believed in spurring investment which open market operations precisely do

lol wut


also Lord Keynes, the guy who runs the blog you linked, literally calls Austrians like Rothbard anticapitalists for being against fractional reserve banking (what I presume you would consider usury)

all that argues is that usury should be done by the state and not private business

because the line between "cringe" and "based" is very thin

!d bump

Ppl are also wired to be tribal so

Probably of interest to ppl on this server

Didnt that feature history guy say in his video on the rwandan genocide that the tutsi and the hutu probably dont differ genetically at all and that the categories were invented by the belgians lmao

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