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2020-12-30 15:59:31 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

Its based in America but I'm not quite sure what you mean

2020-12-30 15:59:46 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

It's not based in sweden

He's probably going to link cockshott or smth

All you've established is that during a recession most economists predict that prices will be affected more by demand than they are but that doesn't establish that supply and demand aren't the fundamental factors predicting people's economic activity

things like the labour theory of value are archaic theories that attempt to provide an objective measurement of value just like you raged at marginalism for with their marginal utility, obviously value is subjective not objective

Marx was just working off of Adam Smith and David Ricardos theories which were wrong

even his theory of explotation works off of faulty assumptions that they both made when it comes to value

Well I obviously think that there is an empirical correlation between labor and price I think that the fundamental factors that are going on within the economy is the people have subjective preference for the product not the value that went into making the product

Like you can explain the empirical evidence you see when it comes to someone like cockshot for example within a subjective theory of value

2021-01-16 20:36:47 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

Based check

2021-01-16 20:39:28 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

I don't think the value of a good is dependent on the labor necessary to produce the good

2021-01-16 20:40:05 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

Obviously when we make mathematical models it's there's a big correlation but I don't think that means that they're actually is some sort of objective factor that is actually predicting what the price is going to be it seems like it's based on subjective preferences

2021-01-16 20:40:45 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

It's exchange value right?

2021-01-16 20:45:15 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

So I can't pretend to know exactly what modern Marxist argue for like maybe certain of his theories were vindicated by neoclassical economics or something but when I generally conceptualize the labor theory of it seems that marx was developing a system of economic prediction based off of these other thinkers of his time and they held the opinion the price of a commodity is the same as the labor that is expended to create it and that's how we came up with this theory of exploitation now if you're arguing for something different I don't totally know because Im basically rejecting his theory of exploitation because he's starting from false premises

2021-01-16 20:46:51 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

I could see that being true

2021-01-16 20:47:23 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  


2021-01-16 20:50:10 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

Friedman was a retard for rejecting ABCT

2021-01-16 20:50:32 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

I'm usurypilled

2021-01-16 20:52:09 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

well I obviously dont think all interest is usury or whatever

2021-01-16 20:52:47 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

but I think what hammer and sickle is saying is that ABCT doesnt describe the nature of modern business cycles which I agree with but thats because of the government/central planners/private banks or whatever we want to call them

2021-01-16 20:53:06 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

hammer and hammer

2021-01-16 20:53:22 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

i assumed it was meant to represent a hammer and sickle

2021-01-16 20:53:46 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

ive also seen empirical evidence to suggest it accurately described the great depression

2021-01-16 20:54:24 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

well that may have worsened it under FDRs years but lets not forget it originally started with hoover

2021-01-16 20:55:38 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

idk if he got us out do you have any articles on that?

2021-01-16 20:55:49 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

not saying "umm provide a source" im just interested cause ive never head that

2021-01-16 21:00:44 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

rothbard vindicated once again

2021-01-16 21:02:55 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

LVT is based indeed

2021-01-16 21:03:12 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

we love our feudalism

2021-01-16 21:04:41 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

why yes I am a pure phoenician, how could you tell?

2021-01-16 21:17:22 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

well having too high an interest rate is obviously bad but I don't think you can have an economy without interest due to the time value of money

2021-01-16 21:22:09 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #serious]  

well its an implication of time preference, but specifically the time value of money

@slavecaste we see you sodomite apeling

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@Erlik แšฏ thank u wolen, we love God's own empire (the British Empire)

do i still have the ping role?

whoever took my role fuck u n1gger

2021-02-08 22:04:14 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@Erlik แšฏ thank you for your sevice to the youth

2021-02-08 22:04:20 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

god = english

2021-02-08 22:13:04 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@Erlik แšฏ he said he was adopted

2021-02-08 22:13:07 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

they're prolly his adopted parents

2021-02-08 22:32:45 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

of course hes fucking korean @Erlik แšฏ

2021-02-08 22:32:57 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

gooks literal worst of asia

2021-02-08 22:33:57 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

japanese are the english of asia

2021-02-08 22:35:39 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]

2021-02-08 22:35:45 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

perun irl^

2021-02-08 22:38:13 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim arent koreans supposed to be larping as the real chinese?

2021-02-08 22:38:33 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim live action roleplaying

2021-02-08 22:39:10 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim do you know what an initialism is?

2021-02-08 22:40:12 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

meds know more about korea than koreans lmao

2021-02-08 22:41:39 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

yale/harvard = nouveau riche larp

2021-02-08 22:43:19 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim how did they let you into harvard when you don't even know korea larps as ming

2021-02-08 22:44:11 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

are you on drugs? its like if I said "lol" do you not know what that means?

2021-02-08 22:44:34 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

is "lol" or "lmao" or "gtg" beta internet talk

2021-02-08 22:44:50 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

man i'd hate to be so insecure about seeming professional that i can't use initials

2021-02-08 22:44:59 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

bruh you're literally on discord, stfu

2021-02-08 22:45:04 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

or can i not say stfu cause u dont know what it means?

2021-02-08 22:46:09 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

nobody thinks you saying "if you're so smart go to harvard" makes you look cool or above anyone

2021-02-08 22:46:37 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

it's the same as if you called everyone basement dwellers, like theres nothing about you that makes you unique from anyone else on discord

2021-02-08 22:47:31 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim cause im also in a discord call that you're in?

2021-02-08 22:47:35 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

like what

2021-02-08 22:47:37 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

i dont see the logic fr

2021-02-08 22:47:41 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

ahh wait cant use fr

2021-02-08 22:47:43 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

i mean for real

2021-02-08 22:47:59 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

what is gt? dont use your internet speak around me

2021-02-08 22:51:06 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim you won't get into investment banking unless you have a numerate bias, imagine thinking you can make it on wall street if you can't do hard math

2021-02-08 22:51:46 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

t. brainlet cope

2021-02-08 22:51:52 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

if you could do it you'd be going for a degree in it

2021-02-08 22:54:24 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@yunakim when they see you have a humanities degree

2021-02-08 22:55:33 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

what the hell

2021-02-08 22:55:35 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

lemon on packaes

2021-02-08 22:55:38 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

ltierally satanic

2021-02-08 23:10:49 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #quotes]  

@Erlik แšฏ dutch = koreans
germans = chinese
japanese = english

2021-02-08 23:15:34 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

which cakes ?

2021-02-08 23:15:52 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

yes and yes

2021-02-08 23:16:00 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

no i mean which of the cakes

2021-02-08 23:16:22 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

yumm e

2021-02-08 23:20:13 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

where is debate going to be?

2021-02-09 00:02:50 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

woland you should start

2021-02-09 00:06:22 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@POTUS George W. Bush. are you 16 years old?

2021-02-09 00:07:52 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

are these two the same people?

2021-02-09 00:08:00 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  


2021-02-09 00:10:02 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@POTUS George W. Bush. read Matthew 1 in russian

2021-02-09 00:10:22 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

torah? are you retarded

2021-02-09 00:10:25 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

its in the new testament

2021-02-09 00:10:46 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

wait no read luke 14 in russian

2021-02-09 00:13:18 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

what the fuck

2021-02-09 00:23:29 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

woland my ears hurt

2021-02-09 00:23:48 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

come to canada

2021-02-09 00:23:55 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

better internet

2021-02-09 00:28:07 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

my profile picture is a world famous virtual youtuber

2021-02-09 00:32:50 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

this is degenerate art

2021-02-09 00:33:20 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]

2021-02-10 00:08:02 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

Of course the beastial mediterranid wants to deny the simple truths of the gospel in relation to the curse of canaan

2021-02-10 00:16:28 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

Germanics are Israelites aka the chosen people of god

2021-02-10 00:40:32 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

Abraham was germanic

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