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2021-01-26 13:42:29 UTC  

As a leader he too failed

2021-01-26 13:42:31 UTC  

How is he not relevant

2021-01-26 13:42:43 UTC  

Ok tell me how is he politically relevant today

2021-01-26 13:42:49 UTC  

He’s literally the only world revolutionary leader ever

2021-01-26 13:42:49 UTC  

larping tankies

2021-01-26 13:42:58 UTC  

but he still helped establish the USSR

2021-01-26 13:43:00 UTC  

Ya total fag

2021-01-26 13:43:10 UTC  

USSR in the long run was a mistake

2021-01-26 13:43:11 UTC  

The lessons for dictatorship of the proletariat in the future

2021-01-26 13:43:19 UTC  

There won't be one

2021-01-26 13:43:25 UTC  


2021-01-26 13:43:51 UTC  

lol tolstoy you’re a trot?

2021-01-26 13:44:06 UTC  

Trotskyists are almost as stupid as stalinists

2021-01-26 13:44:10 UTC  

Why do you believe in DWS

2021-01-26 13:44:10 UTC  

And USSR wasn't dictatorship of the proleteriat, it was evolution of Russian statehood and domination of Russian in-group over minorities

2021-01-26 13:44:20 UTC  

The military shit is kinda cool

2021-01-26 13:44:23 UTC  

Um and

2021-01-26 13:44:28 UTC  

The USSR degenerated because of isolation

2021-01-26 13:44:38 UTC  

Only half of the story

2021-01-26 13:45:15 UTC  

Thank God revolution didn't reach Europe or Russia would have been doomed

2021-01-26 13:45:16 UTC  

what’s the other half? It probably would’ve been fine if the revolution actually gained traction internationally

2021-01-26 13:45:43 UTC  

Mate erm, idk what to tell you about German history 1918-24

2021-01-26 13:45:47 UTC  

Cliffites are ok

2021-01-26 13:46:04 UTC  

capitalist cus I pledge allegiance to the bag
socialist cus I want free shit
trotskyite cus Im racist

2021-01-26 13:46:09 UTC  

Nah they aren’t they have semi ok analysis but then behave like regular trots

2021-01-26 13:46:19 UTC  

good times they were.

2021-01-26 13:46:46 UTC  

the cliffites I know are spastics but at least they’re closer to Marx and Lenin than Stalinoids

2021-01-26 13:46:56 UTC  

Orthodogs mad cuz their jewish universalist ideology is not compatible with socialist race science @Nobody

2021-01-26 13:47:00 UTC  

USSR stagnated economically because of the need to maintain high military spending whilst oil prices were low
What killed it though, the Guillotine was reckless reformism and Gorbachev the henchman

2021-01-26 13:47:04 UTC  

Swp are still awful

2021-01-26 13:47:05 UTC  

ML= Money Lackers

2021-01-26 13:47:22 UTC  

MLs owned

2021-01-26 13:47:24 UTC  


2021-01-26 13:47:34 UTC  

Im gonna go get some shit to eat

2021-01-26 13:47:38 UTC  

MLs *illegally dismantled

2021-01-26 13:47:42 UTC  

enjoy your watermelon

2021-01-26 13:47:44 UTC  

Men lovers

2021-01-26 13:47:50 UTC  

Such dumb discussions, well in this server we only value VC debates @Nobody

2021-01-26 13:48:33 UTC  

For some reason almost every noted black socialist was an ml

2021-01-26 13:48:47 UTC  

> In this server we only value VC debates

2021-01-26 13:49:00 UTC  

You aren't actually racist