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2021-02-21 07:52:46 UTC  

it was just disrespect there was nothing he coulda done

2021-02-21 07:52:58 UTC  

after shitting the bed like that

2021-02-21 07:53:52 UTC  

That’s true and I can’t argue against it, if you try to argue that there are instances when rape is „not bad“ in front of a non meme audience, you’re done.

2021-02-21 07:54:35 UTC  

What happened

2021-02-21 07:54:43 UTC  

Just woke up

2021-02-21 07:54:48 UTC  

LOL good Morning

2021-02-21 07:54:56 UTC  

You’re in for a treat

2021-02-21 07:55:00 UTC  

I was trying to make him feel better about it earlier, but after hearing that he attempted to justify rape, it’s definitely his fault.

2021-02-21 07:55:21 UTC  


2021-02-21 07:56:32 UTC  

There are several topics you can’t possibly try to defend in a forum like this, that’s universal.

2021-02-21 07:57:10 UTC  

It was just edgy

2021-02-21 07:57:37 UTC  

I don’t even want to watch the stream for myself, it’s starting to sound like I might not be able to take the second-hand embarrassment.

2021-02-21 07:58:18 UTC  

What's the timestamp of the debate?

2021-02-21 07:58:32 UTC  

About 3h46min

2021-02-21 07:58:41 UTC  


2021-02-21 08:01:47 UTC  

I was taking a piss and noticed my cock is looking extra fat tonight

2021-02-21 08:05:33 UTC  

Keep it swinging

2021-02-21 08:23:16 UTC  

Vaush is a fat fucking retard that should be tied to a chair and forced to starve while food is dangled above his head but pulled away when he tries to take a bite

2021-02-21 08:23:43 UTC  

I don’t care about him.

2021-02-21 08:24:39 UTC  

he's gross man

2021-02-21 08:26:52 UTC  

“pretty soon hispanics will be considered white people, that’ll be fun”
wtf im a wignat now

2021-02-21 08:29:59 UTC  

when your population’s destined to dwindle in size I’ve guess you’ve gotta loosen your definition of who qualifies as one of your own

2021-02-21 09:21:11 UTC  

Boy did I miss something

2021-02-21 09:32:45 UTC  

@Gre join vc

2021-02-21 10:12:36 UTC  

I'm going insane

2021-02-21 10:15:29 UTC  

somebody kill woland already

2021-02-21 10:15:33 UTC  

end his misery

2021-02-21 10:15:47 UTC  

all he can say is sus at this point

2021-02-21 10:16:07 UTC  

Funny video and more anti-nazberg seethe

2021-02-21 10:16:25 UTC  

mental health lookin kinda sussy

2021-02-21 10:16:25 UTC  


2021-02-21 10:16:33 UTC  

its the best server comedy we ever had

2021-02-21 10:16:45 UTC  

@Gi I have

2021-02-21 10:16:49 UTC  

fucking amazing

2021-02-21 10:16:50 UTC  

top a

2021-02-21 10:16:57 UTC  

Was Syrian's idea itfp

2021-02-21 10:17:37 UTC  

No it was mine wtf

2021-02-21 10:19:17 UTC  

@Gi share it on Twitter

2021-02-21 10:20:16 UTC  

giuli's like the general who's officer was insubordinate

2021-02-21 10:20:26 UTC  

so he has to flog him

2021-02-21 10:20:36 UTC  

I don't understand giuli talking about politics as entertainment