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2021-01-29 19:28:21 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

through suffering we r made stronger brother remember that

why are all leftist memes paragraphs long

@Erlik แšฏ whoโ€™s in ur pfp

so an edge lord

2021-02-20 07:12:03 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #bot-spam]  

!d bump

2021-02-20 17:24:41 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  


get trolled by vaush <:troll:795676641450917888>

would u guys win an among us game with vaush as imposter

he got banned

2021-02-21 07:30:17 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]

โ€œpretty soon hispanics will be considered white people, thatโ€™ll be funโ€
wtf im a wignat now

2021-02-21 23:52:17 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  



dr woland put me on to a crazy 100gecs song

2021-02-23 05:52:28 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

literally unwatchable

2021-02-23 22:47:46 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

need it

2021-02-23 23:12:55 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]

i read impact poster as imposter please someone help me

19 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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