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Its fine

I was just doing somthing

In Syria?

In rikn al deen

It's in Damascus

Its one of the safest places

Actually Damascus is safe in general

But sometimes the fsa tries bomb it somhow

But they fail

Free syrian rebel army

But its safe for now

Nah its fine

The blue is isis right?


But rojava

Is good at it

But yeah the sdf is sometimes getting pinned back by SAA

They dont bother killing them

Cus right now theyre just pieces of land

Wa walleikum al salam

Thats cool

Atleast they can live there for work

Cut the nationalism for a bit bud

Aight ottoman wannabe

Not like erdogan is fucking it up

Erdogan is intervening in syria

Aight whatever

Serbian partisan seeing the ustasha:BRUH


If u wanna chat politics just send me a massage

Why does it matter

Its cus ur serbian

Not everybody agrees with ur points bud

Aight kebab

Not like he was to me

Im just not trying to get banned just for Serbian partisan


Its a joke dude

There other names that are far worse

Im kebab to

<:josip_tito:498052357980946433> <:mustafa_ataturk:498052083627589632> <:vladimir_lenin:498053737726869514> <:josif_stalin:498053983512952832>


Its fine

But i got alot studying

For finals

There should be a Cursed image channel

Cus iv got alot show guys

*barbaros has left the groupchat*

Bruh u syrian?

Oh ok lol

Le assad

Oh ive seen dis shit


Oh shit oh shiiiit pls germany help me now im coverd in piss

Bruh moment


Jizia was based

Wa happened

This is some doodoo yo

@Lord of seas yo what happened

Why the purging

Ah aight

U could warn him

Merry Christmas

Bruh somone translated the song already

Do you have a vid where it has arabic lyrics?

Cus i barely understood what he just said other than “affirmative sir”

1,809 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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