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2017-07-23 00:23:29 UTC  

Hey brother. Can you see the conversations above?

2017-07-23 00:23:35 UTC  


2017-07-23 00:23:46 UTC  

Back to June 10

2017-07-23 00:24:30 UTC  

Great. Have a look and hang out. May take a while to get our SMEs (subject matter experts) all together

2017-07-23 00:24:43 UTC  

It's all good brother.

2017-07-23 00:24:47 UTC  

Then I'll give you all mod permissions

2017-07-23 00:24:59 UTC  

No problem.

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2017-07-23 00:30:42 UTC  

Welcome @Lebens and thanks. Scroll up in this channel to get up to speed.

2017-07-23 00:32:28 UTC  

Just caught up

2017-07-23 00:33:24 UTC  

2017-07-23 00:33:41 UTC  

Show me where it hurts

2017-07-23 00:34:16 UTC  

Well met Doc and thanks. Please review up in this channel to catch up.

2017-07-23 00:35:18 UTC  

Yup already done

2017-07-23 00:51:10 UTC  

@Deleted User lmk if my initial post in electrical is what your looking for. Also i sold a HVAC install for monday that i would like to share

2017-07-23 00:51:28 UTC  

After its complete

2017-07-23 00:52:26 UTC  

It's good to go. I'm looking for basics for the weekly blurbs. Introducing guys to electrical work, circuits, safety, etc

2017-07-23 00:52:57 UTC  

We don't need guys swapping out transformers just yet lol

2017-07-23 00:54:37 UTC  

I can also teach electrical theory, pratical use, codes, troubleshooting, safety as well as advanced techniques for seasoned tradesmen

2017-07-23 00:54:55 UTC  


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2017-07-23 12:42:49 UTC  

2017-07-23 12:43:22 UTC  

Welcome our mechanic @Yuma County. Please scroll up in this channel to get up to speed.

2017-07-23 12:46:28 UTC  

@everyone Let's have a voicechat tonight at 9:00 EST. Shouldn't be but fifteen minutes but I want to make sure we're all on the same page before we launch.

2017-07-23 12:47:39 UTC  

Also, it may be good to have a couple of hosts in certain subjects to cover for each other and increase the speed of responses to questions.

2017-07-23 12:48:05 UTC  

But we'll be able to start at least as long as we have one in each area

2017-07-23 13:39:03 UTC  

Unfortunately not going to be able to make that, wife sick and that's bedtime for

2017-07-23 14:01:07 UTC  

@Deleted User wanna do a wee bit earlier? 8 or 830?

2017-07-23 14:15:30 UTC  

1830-2100 kind of tough with dinner, family time, bed time routine for kid. More likely I can hop.on a little.late 2120-2130

2017-07-23 15:01:27 UTC  

I have to do an alignment on the motorcycle so I will take that time to take some interdictory photos and put something up on the Mechanics text channel later this morning. I should be available for our quick voice chat.

2017-07-23 16:12:09 UTC  

Ok. We can do 9:30 chat tonight @everyone

2017-07-23 16:12:52 UTC  

2017-07-23 16:13:40 UTC  

That *should* work for me.

2017-07-23 16:23:55 UTC  

2017-07-23 16:29:03 UTC  

Yes, i will be able to make it to the chat

2017-07-23 16:36:16 UTC  

I'm up for it.

2017-07-23 18:11:31 UTC  

So thats 1830 pst?

2017-07-23 18:45:13 UTC  


2017-07-23 19:02:23 UTC  

Gonna change the extensions on server nicknames to match your SME areas.

2017-07-23 19:20:33 UTC  

I like this.

2017-07-23 19:22:10 UTC  

When are we allowed to post our blurbs? I have an indertuctory post ready to go in Word to just copy/paste.