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Listen, I'm about to say a statement that seems retarded, but just stick with me here
I only theoretically hate the Japanese
For all intents and purposes I should hate the Japanese, but I just can't bring myself to do so given my only exposure to them
I'm sure that if I had come into contact with their disgusting insect culture and industry of making the 7 deadly sins look like a checklist I'd vomit whatever shitty garbage cardboard they serve in that cursed island.
I enjoy their games, the media I've seen I've liked, and their exported women? big fan
But see as I say "exported", because anything from regional Japan is a walking argument for a third or fourth (even a fifth, hopefully) bomb.
One in one hundred regional Japanese women have been in adult "films" (read: soul destroying recorded Satanism).
The average video game in the Island of Japan includes playing as a character that they specifically write as little as possible about so the horridly deformed and misshapen Japanese "man" can relate to, because if they saw any sort of semblance of success or just simply not being out of shape they would jump off of their cardboard box sized high-rise apartment building in Toke Eeyo. This character goes around banging basically children, but the fatass nips in power are perfectly fine with this and write it off as an "art form" because it produces their retarded funny money that makes them feel like they're more well off than they actually are in their compact hell hole.

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The average manga is just as bad if not worse, since most of the time they have to add in a VISUAL male protagonist to the mix. Which is one of two of the average archetypes of Japanese insect men. Fat and disgusting, covered in acne and smelling of extremely vile shit. Or a literal child because there is an epidemic of Japanese mothers molesting their sons.
Speaking on the women after that Segway; again, one in one hundred women living in Japan have sucked and fucked on camera for the enjoyment of losers in their cramped bird cages. The average Japanese woman is more plastic than whatever swamp scum subhuman DNA they usually consist of, cosmetic surgery in Japan is extremely common and viewed as socially acceptable by basically everyone. So even if you get your cutie Nippon war bride (because lets face it Tokyo is basically a massive stinking, shit filled trench on God's green earth), your children will look like a puppet-esque creature not entirely unlike a character from The Dark Crystal.

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That being said, probably the best woman you could get out of this feminized retarded prank-world is, in my opinion a half/quarter Japanese woman. Living in a westernized country preferably so she isn't some garbled mess of regions and cultures. There's a good chance her parents are from a generation that actually gave a shit if their lives resembled a cow's, standing around existing to just eat and shit then die. And considering those types of Asians still autistically care about success for their children, there's a fair shake that she wont be commonly referred to as "The Gape Station" in whatever onclave these parasites invaded, although there is a small chance she took this discipline in a bad way and just rebelled even harder, making her worse than an average white woman (read: dog/n-word fucker). However father Jing Ping's Men's Warehouse belt is a good deterrent from that sort of lifestyle, since this type of parent can still beat their children without crying in the corner afterwards because "I huwt my baby boy/girl".

In closing, I will state what I stated at the start of this long tangent; I only theoretically hate the Japanese. If the goods are exported, I'm perfectly fine with that small taste of "culture" that these disgusting slimes have to offer. However if the "goods" are directly from this dick shaped island of cancer, they are not "goods" but "bads" by default.

I also really want an Australian Hapa GF

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based and redpilled

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@RetardO ExtremeO accurate tbh. nice rant by u

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not a good look!

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Imagine paying for anime

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Lmao paying for anime

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paying for anime <:cringe:402359483117862932>

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paying for anything <:cringe:402359483117862932>

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reminder shared Crunchyroll account info is pinned - no need to pay

reminder most dubbed anime voice actors are liberal leftys and bad at dubs anyways

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Ghost Stories is the only good anime dub

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AnimeRightNews is streaming Sword of the Stranger today @ 4pm EDT if anyone wants to join

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