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I remember learning about Goethe for the first time and when I read Faust I was just dumbfounded because there was this work of art that some consider to be one of the greatest books of all time and I'd never even heard of it or had any contact with it

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i gained everything i know as soon as i left school

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I've never read Faust, or anything by Goethe sadly

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I went to a Grammar School which makes it all worst

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Im still in uni but yeah most of the stuff ive learned ive taught myself

Schools are designed to produce worker units (if that) not intellectuals (or even just intelligent people)

Yeah you should read Faust, parts of it can be a bit difficult but overall its a very good book, I'd recommend the (((Kaufmann))) translation

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Kaufmann was the original Luke Ford, he was a goy who converted to judaism

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I heard somewhere that the second volume or part is essentially not worth reading, is that true?

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reason I know that is I always check if the translators are jewish

Its not, Kaufmann translates Act I scene I and all of Act 5 for you
just read a summary of the rest

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Part of why its not worth reading is its hard to translate as its more poetic and its so riddled with references and allusions that basically only scholars or megabrains can understand it

Part I came out long before it and is the really famous part. Read the ending though, it provides closure to it and its really good

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Thank you, I definitely will

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Today I ordered Hitler's Table Talk so I'm out of shekels, but that'll be my next read

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Nice. Yeah I've gotta read a lot of the natsoc stuff, there's a lot of overlap between the reading list you posted earlier and stuff on my list

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learning about hitler isnt fed behaviour

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shut up vin

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larping as nazis and doing roman salutes is though

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Yeah there's no feds here. Now let's talk about firearms, you guys carrying? How many weapons do you own?

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Thanks Sleight I appreciate it, I won;t bring up National Socialism if the folks running the server don't like it, I get it's not your thing, but I still maintain you've all been lied to

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nick knows whats up and has learnt about it

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have you seen the greatest story never told?

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ok this is epic

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Yeah I have, it's not quite as polished as David Irving's material and 'Hitler's War' (another great read), but it's still great

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Okay, this is epic*

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okay, i fucked your mom

2018-04-12 00:03:19 UTC  

okay, this is gay

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ur mom gay

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i have so much shit i need to read

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That's Hitler's home videos, I compiled them and set it to sad music, brilliant for propaganda purposes

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My amazon wishlist never gets smaller, no matter how many I order

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"home videos"

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Well the ones filmed at the Berghof are

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huh apparently ive been on this video before, because im 4 minutes in

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its a timestamp

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Maybe I was 4 minutes in when I copied the link.. boomer tech

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oh haha, I thought it was on my end

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I've quite a few audio readings and text to voice stuff such as this one:

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