Message from Papa Berb in Nick Fuentes Server #vidya

2018-02-16 13:51:21 UTC  

they put in a reticule for when you dont even have any weapons out, but take it away for the bow

2018-02-16 13:51:23 UTC  

why have one in the first place

2018-02-16 13:51:45 UTC  


2018-02-16 13:52:22 UTC  

I think when you have abow out though it should have a medium sized circle in the middle of your screeb

2018-02-16 13:52:33 UTC  

So it wont show exactly but give you an idea

2018-02-16 13:52:59 UTC  

I would like it to not show when i have nothing out though

2018-02-16 15:33:09 UTC  

I just used a sharpie and made the circle myself

2018-02-16 15:33:28 UTC  

It works pretty good except for when I’m not playing... then it’s kinda annoying.

2018-02-16 17:59:16 UTC  

there is a mod for the reitucle though

2018-02-16 17:59:20 UTC  

but imaigne not being able to aim

2018-02-16 17:59:20 UTC  


2018-02-16 17:59:29 UTC  

you guys cut corners even in vidya

2018-02-16 17:59:30 UTC  


2018-02-16 18:24:30 UTC  

I can get pretty good at archery after standing in one place and firing a few arrows or firing them in the face of an enemy right in front of me.

2018-02-16 20:33:23 UTC  

If anyone is gonna play skyrim they need the Breadpill ultra alpha modpack (tm)

2018-02-16 20:34:26 UTC

2018-02-16 20:34:34 UTC  

Going for trad playthrough

2018-02-16 20:36:57 UTC  

@Broseph what did you already do a playthrough?

2018-02-16 20:50:59 UTC  

No just got it

2018-02-17 04:17:22 UTC  

Are you a Good Christian? - How Henry persuades people 90% of the time

2018-02-17 16:52:43 UTC  

If anyone wants to play Payday 2 sauce me a mention lads

2018-02-17 18:21:48 UTC  

new crowbcat video

2018-02-18 01:39:15 UTC  

How's KCD fellas?

2018-02-18 01:45:08 UTC  


2018-02-18 02:18:39 UTC  

Dragonball FighterZ is what its all about though

2018-02-18 03:22:31 UTC  

@🎭🎡 im interested if everyone else is

2018-02-18 06:31:23 UTC  

I actually suck at KC:D.

2018-02-18 21:28:11 UTC  


2018-02-18 21:29:53 UTC  

50 bucks is expensive

2018-02-18 21:30:18 UTC  

thinking about this one

2018-02-18 21:30:52 UTC  


2018-02-18 21:30:58 UTC  

shud get here tuesday

2018-02-18 21:56:57 UTC  


2018-02-18 22:31:36 UTC  

Poison is not trad

2018-02-18 22:51:32 UTC  

Stabbed Lord Radzig, Radzig ran away. Radzig is a pussy.

2018-02-18 23:37:26 UTC  

Nord Pride World Wide

2018-02-19 02:06:17 UTC