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2018-03-06 06:35:09 UTC  

I've been asking that for about two weeks now along with forgiveness.

2018-03-06 06:35:17 UTC  

Seems like it's been falling on deaf ears.

2018-03-06 06:35:22 UTC  

My faith is never weakened

2018-03-06 06:35:31 UTC  

as my logical assumption is that God exists.

2018-03-06 06:35:44 UTC  

It doesn't make sense (the universe, everything) without intelligent design to me.

2018-03-06 06:36:35 UTC  

But it seems like no matter how hard I try, and pray, never really lines up. I know he's there, I damn well do.

2018-03-06 06:36:49 UTC  

He's worked miracles all around me, not necessarily to me,

2018-03-06 06:36:56 UTC  

but everywhere that I can see.

2018-03-06 06:36:59 UTC  

I feel him.

2018-03-06 06:37:05 UTC  

But I hear nothing.

2018-03-06 06:38:12 UTC  

God is good, and God is God. He has his own ways of doing things that we can't comprehend because his ways are not out ways.

2018-03-06 06:38:28 UTC  

I'm well aware. That's partly what worries me somewhat.

2018-03-06 06:38:38 UTC  

In the same way that God destined his own son to die,

2018-03-06 06:39:01 UTC  

I believe that similar misfortunes may befall peoples across the world to benefit man in the longterm.

2018-03-06 06:39:11 UTC  

However he might have his way

2018-03-06 06:39:16 UTC  

*Thy will be done.*

2018-03-06 06:40:59 UTC  

I have no way of knowing what's going on in your life specifically, so I can't give a satisfying response, but I will say this: you're right his will be done, and we don't understand it or know how it'll work out in the end, and it's terrifying sometimes.

2018-03-06 06:41:32 UTC  

The mystery of God and his ways is part of why we should have a healthy fear of God

2018-03-06 06:41:53 UTC  

You never need to give a satisfying response, Simon, I don't mean to frustrate you. You tell me exactly what I need to hear. You're kind and genuine.

2018-03-06 06:42:30 UTC  

The fact that you give response at all says something.

2018-03-06 06:42:35 UTC  


2018-03-06 06:42:39 UTC  

God love you.

2018-03-06 06:43:36 UTC  

Thanks man, don't worry, you didn't frustrate me. You're a solid guy, and I know God is going to get you through whatever it is you're going through.

2018-03-06 06:43:51 UTC  

Goodnight and God love you too

2018-03-06 06:50:05 UTC  

@Thomas praying for you and the rest of the server as well. <:jesus:417536063540559872>

2018-03-06 06:58:04 UTC  

bps still holds enlightenment bs tho

2018-03-06 07:02:20 UTC  

and another fun finding: black death comes from asia, asians are not blamed for the worst disease in human history (for the right reason), although europeans are widely (wrongly) blamed for spreading disease to conquer native americans

2018-03-06 07:02:49 UTC  

but europeans did not delibrately spread disease to native american

2018-03-06 07:03:23 UTC  

but mongolians literally used disease as a weapon when attacking europe

2018-03-06 07:03:39 UTC  

and another fun finding:

2018-03-06 07:06:43 UTC  

actually medieval is a great time and the end of it welcomes absolute monarchy despotism, however, the end of feudal monarchy are described as a great turning point ending the dark age, even the cause (horrible black death) is praised.

2018-03-06 07:07:22 UTC  

Does that come from enlightenment hatred against medieval feudalism and the religion?

2018-03-06 07:08:07 UTC  

and the anti-white hatred in modern progressive history narratives?

2018-03-06 21:51:45 UTC  

Please pray for all the nickers

2018-03-06 21:51:54 UTC  

I need some myself

2018-03-07 20:20:36 UTC  

If anyone is interested, I am reading aloud the entire bible over a 1 year period on my YouTube channel: You can follow along and just listen and in one year you will have read the whole bible!

2018-03-07 20:20:50 UTC  

I've read four days so far.

2018-03-08 18:38:39 UTC  

Pray for me fellas. I need to be responsible and wise

2018-03-08 19:18:15 UTC  

No cultural Christians allowed?

2018-03-08 19:29:07 UTC